Teaching Kids Healthy Eating

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Teaching Healthy Eating For Kids

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It can be a real challenge to teach your children to eat healthy food. If you start regaling your kids with facts and information, difficult for perceiving, they could hardly understand the importance of healthy eating. In a while, they can acquire unhealthy habits. Parents should try to explain their kids the importance of healthy habits because every food we put into our bodies influences the state of our organism.
So, how to teach our kids to make the right decisions? Applying funny games, apps, books, and useful tips, you will be able to teach your children to develop healthy eating habits.

Funny Ways to Teach Your Children to Develop Healthy Food Habits

1. Games

Using games and interesting activities is a great way to tell your child about healthy eating. So, try to combine games and learning process.
A vegetable person. You can create a real vegetable person by using real vegetables or pictures of the vegetables. Use toothpicks to make your vegetable person to stand up and to make it look more realistic. Using real vegetables can stimulate your child to eat vegetables.
Letter of the week. Choose the letter of the week and taste healthy foods starting with this letter. For example “ A ” – apple, almond, anchovies, apricots and so on.

2. Apps

Smash Your Food. This app is teaching about nutrition. Here you can eliminate (by smashing it) the food which is unhealthy ( contains a lot of sugar, salt or fat). The app encourages your children to read the labels of food products, making them do the right choices.
Awesome Eats. This app encourages your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. It also contains some useful recycling tips.
Healthy eating with Diana. This app contains puzzle games, drawing, colouring, and games teaching your kids the most important principles of healthy eating.

3. Computer games

A computer can also be of great help when it comes to developing healthy eating habits in your kids. Healthy Eating Kids Food is a free game, learning your children to choose beneficial food. It gives to the kids an idea about various food we are consuming.

4. Books.

Nothing can be easier than to find a book about healthy eating for kids. Children perceive better the information given in plain words, accompanied by colourful pictures. Some books for kids that can be considered as classics are The Hungry Caterpillar which tells about food that makes you feel sick and food that makes you feel fine. Eat Your Peas is a funny book describing the process of having dinner. Green Eggs and Ham teaches your kids to open new food products.

5. Be creative

What does it mean? You can invent new names for food, for example. The grape can be named Grace, salmon – Sally, rice – Richard and so on.
Find interesting facts about fruits and vegetables. Cherries come from rose family, watermelon is a berry, strawberries have seeds on the outside and so on.
Write an interesting story about healthy and unhealthy food. You can use the site essaywriterforyou.com to get a story on a chosen topic.

Tips to Develop Healthy Eating Habits in Children

personal training online1. Become a role model for your kid. If you prepare healthy food and go in for sports, your children
will follow your example. In this way, you will show your kids that health and physical activity is
very important for your family.

2. Let your child make his or her own choice. If your child doesn’t want to eat all the dishes you’ve
cooked, let him or her pick one or two things on the table.

3. Apply the two bite rule. Stimulate your kids to try to eat new food. Implement the rule of two bites. If your child still doesn’t like the food after two bites, don’t force him or her to finish his or her portion. Offering your child to try new food, you can encourage him or her to eat healthy and diverse. The food portion must be proportional to your kid’s body size and age.

4. Don’t forbid foods. Everything that is forbidden attracts us more. Try to balance a diet of your kid, offering him or her healthy food together with small portions of treats you don’t want your child to eat.

5. Don’t give snacks or sweets to your child as a reward. Find another way to reward your child for being good or for well-done work.

6. Make the reading of food labels funny. Turn reading of the labels into a fascinating game. Teach your child what ingredients are useful for the health and what food components are harmful.

7. Let your child choose the vegetables for dinner. Your child will be pleased that he or she was allowed to make a choice of vegetables for dinner. Thus, the chance that he or she will eat vegetables during dinner time will be higher.

8. Let dinnertime become a family habit. It’s very important when all members of the family are being gathered together to have dinner in a family circle. Thus, you will be able to control the diet of your child better and, besides, it's a great opportunity to communicate with each other.

9. Combine the new food with the food your child like. This will make your kids feel more comfortable when tasting new foods. Tasting new foods will help your children to develop healthy eating habits.

These simple tips will help to instill healthy habits in your kids. Learning them to make smart nutrition decisions will help them to become adults who take care of their health.

What methods did you apply to encourage your kids to eat healthy food? Have you applied any of the tips described above? What is the most efficient method in your opinion? Share your experience.


Being an experienced teacher and mom, Mollie Porein shares her opinion about the ways to encourage your kid to eat healthy food. Useful and practical tips will help you to develop healthy habits in your kid.
Feel free to use this information to succeed in teaching your children to be healthy.