Rowing Workouts

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Rowing Workouts That Burn Fat and Build Muscle

online personal trainerOne of the most underrated exercises in a gym is the rowing workout. The disinclination towards these exercises could be understandable for some. For starters, this fitness tool is not only intimidating with its regimen but also due to its frequent users, who might range from the freakishly fit down to the seemingly expert. And with only the best rower, it’s essentially “all or nothing” as it requires hard work unlike the other cardio machines such as the treadmill or a stationary bike whose whole step can be easily replicated outside.

Today, however, rowing has gained quite a popularity among these users in gyms and fitness studios as it packs a double-punch, one that eliminates fat and build muscles all at the same time. Also, rowing offers a provision of a great cardiovascular workout which also doubles as a strength training exercise that does your legs, core, arms, and shoulders a huge favor.

If you happen to have just jumped in the bandwagon and are more than willing to try rowing exercises out, we’ve gathered only the best workouts for you. And if you’ve finally chosen this tool to torch some of the fats and build muscles down the line, consider this compilation as a godsend.

Before using a rowing machine, here are some quick tips to help you get started:

1.)        Ensure that both of your feet are strapped right in your footholds.

2.)        Grasp the handle using an overhand grip.

3.)        Sit tall. Make sure that your back isn’t rounded.

4.)        You may start by doing the “catch position” in which your seat is slid forward while your knees are bent and your arms fully extended right in front of you. This posture will ready you to perform the “regimen” which is subsequent to this step.

5.)        From the “catching” position, ensure that your arms are extended when you push off with both your feet. Also make sure that your legs are straightened that your upper body is leaned back a little bit.  When these are attained, pull your arms right into your upper body.

6.)        The drive phase’s end position is done when your legs are extended while your arms are both pulled back. The handle should also be just below your chest level.

7.)        Return to the “catch position.” At this point, your arms should be fully extended and your body is leaning slightly forward. Meanwhile, your legs should also be bent as you bring forward right back to the starting position.

The Best Rowing Workouts

1.)    Warm And Ground It Up Workout


Perform some warming up exercises first for at least five minutes.

Next, do the following workouts in order:

  • Row – 100 meters
  • Bodyweight squat – 10 repetitions
  • Row – 200 meters
  • Bodyweight squat – 10 repetitions
  • Alternating reverse lunge – 20 repetitions
  • Kneeling biceps curl to overhead press – 10 repetitions

Note: The workouts above only comprise of a single round. A total of three rounds are required to maximize the results over time. Rest when you must.

2.)    The Pump And Row Pyramid

Note: This rowing workout consists of five rounds. You may adjust the number of repetitions that should be adjacent to the directions below.

Warm up for five minutes before engaging in with these rounds.

Round 1:

  • Row – 100 meters. Do this as fast as you can.
  • Bodyweight squat – 5 repetitions
  • Pushup – 5 repetitions
  • Feet-elevated mountain climber – 5 repetitions

Round 2

  • Row for 200 meters then perform 10 repetitions for each of the move that was mentioned on the first round (after rowing).

Round 3

  • Row for 300 meters then perform 15 repetitions for each of the move that was mentioned on the first round (after rowing).

Round 4

  • Row for 200 meters then perform 10 repetitions for each of the move that was mentioned on the first round (after rowing).

Round 5

  • Row for 100 meters then perform 5 repetitions for each of the move that was mentioned on the first round (after rowing).

Finish this workout off with a 60-second plank.

3.) The Metabolic Burner Workout

Note: Like the previous workouts, ensure that you warm up for five minutes first. Next, perform the following exercises in order.

1.)        Row for 500 meters as fast as you can.

2.)        Perform a dumbbell thruster for 25 repetitions.

The first and second exercises already comprise the first round for this workout. Perform a total four rounds for this one. Rest in between.

For an optimal result, this workout should be done in 20 minutes or less.

4.)        The Burpee Blast Workout

Note: Warm up for at least five minutes.

  • Set the rower’s monitor to display calories.
  • Row for two minutes as hard as you can. Ensure that you remember your calorie score. This would serve as the number of calories you’re going to hit in each of the subsequent row.
  • Perform 10 burpees.
  • Row right until you’re able to reach the calories score that was generated from your previous 2-minute row.
  • Perform nine burpees. Next, row again, with you hitting the same calorie goal.
  • Perform eight burpees. You are to continue this “descending ladder pattern? Until you’re able to finish that round which only requires to do just one burpee.

Tip: Complete this workout as fast as you can and aim to finish it in less than 30 minutes. Doing so should provide you optimal benefits. Remember to rest when you need.

Concluding Thoughts On Rowing

Rowing isn’t exactly an intimidating exercise nor a demanding one. But by giving all your effort and masterful discipline, you can readily reap only the best of benefits in both your fat loss and muscle-building aspirations.

The rowing workouts we’ve compiled just for you are just more than enough to get you started in this rowing business. And if you go about them with a determined amount of will and power, we’re more than certain that your needs are going to be filled by then.