Pair Training Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons Of Pair Training

You’re in the gym working out all by yourself, but then you glance over at a couple performing a bodyweight interval circuit together. Now, despite the intensity of their workout, it looks like they are actually having fun.

Some people are enough motivated to hit the gym solo, whereas others work out better with a partner. If you are considering pairing up for your next sweat fest, check out the pros and cons of pair training to see if you really need a gym buddy.

The Pros of Pair Training:

#1: Motivation

Getting into fitness training can sometimes be difficult between family, work, household chores, traffic, etc. Having a pair can be an excellent way to gain motivation.

Some days you aren’t quite excited about the gym; a workout partner can motivate you to fight the laziness and hit the gym together. Just make sure you choose the right partner, someone who’s genuinely excited about working out with you.

While pairing up at New Year sounds intriguing at the time, you may end up convincing each other to skip a day or two, which will ultimately lead to quitting altogether.

#2: Safety

When you have a gum buddy, you remain safer as it significantly reduces the possibility of an injury. Your partner can always give you an extra hand in lifting heavier weights. They can also provide extra support and help you prevent some common mistakes.

#3: Time Flies

As it turns out, your workout sessions do not feel like an eternity when your partner is breaking a sweat alongside you.

You can chat, gossip, and crack a joke together without getting bored. Workout machines like ellipticals and treadmills can be more fun when your partner and you are training side by side.

#4: Make a Pact

You may have made a serious commitment to yourself that you will be healthier by the end of December, but if you make the same commitment to your gym buddy as well, you will most likely take a better initiative to avoid breaking the pact.

For instance, if you two have similar goals like performing a quick detox to clean your system before hitting the gym, you can make a pact on it. Also, you can challenge each other to lose 3-4 pounds by the end of next week. This will help you both stick to the pact and keep motivating each other.

#5: Logistics

You may not have your own car, which is absolutely fine, but your partner might, and that is sweet. Also, you may need someone to help you carry your stuff around sometimes as a bag full of bodybuilding and weightlifting discount supplements can be hard to carry, particularly after a long, hardcore chest workout.

#6: Accountability

Pair training not only boosts your motivation but also ensures you perform the workout sessions effectively. That means your partner will make sure you keep your heels in contact with the ground throughout the whole range of the squat or that you don’t make any dumb hammer curl mistakes and sabotage your arm.

No corner-cutting with a solid gym buddy.

#7: Sociability

You can turn the gym into a fun and exciting place to catch up with a friend. It lets you connect, share some tips and secrets, work out together, learn about a thing or two about each other, etc.

The Cons of Pair Training:

#8: “I’m done. What About You?”

Similar to how a workout partner can motivate you, pairing with someone who isn’t as excited about bodybuilding as you can be exhausting.

After a quick session, they may feel like they’re done, while the game hasn’t even started yet. So, instead of going that extra mile, they give up and leave you alone and demotivated.

#9: Attention Diversion

Having a gym buddy may prevent you from concentrating or focusing on what you’re trying to accomplish. He or she can potentially divert your focus, keeping you from giving the maximum effort in your workout session.

#10: “Can’t Go Today.”

Your partner might not show up every day, which will only irritate you and eventually push you from hitting the gym. Pair training indicates being somewhat dependent upon their schedule and flow.

So, if your partner takes frequent leaves, chances are you’ll miss a couple of important sessions, too.

#11: Different Levels of Ability

Pair training can be frustrating, as well as competitive if you don’t have the same goals, passion, and abilities as your partner. As a result, you often work out in an obnoxious way to obtain better results as fast as possible, which ultimately leads to some serious injuries and accidents.

#12: Too Much Conversation

You’ll only enjoy pair training when everything goes well with your partner and you during those heavy workout sessions. However, If you cannot limit the talking, your rest times will be longer, making your sessions less effective or time-efficient.

#13: No Alone Time

Some people prefer hitting the gym as it is a perfect opportunity to clear their heads, put aside everything from work, and do some heavy lifting.

However, if your gym buddy keeps babbling about stuff and distracting you, it can be quite difficult to focus on your training or forget the arguments you had in the office that morning.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, pair training has its pros and cons. In fact, more pros than cons if we’re being fair. You just have to be careful when choosing a partner. Make sure he/she shares similar goals and passion will push you to work out harder.

Remember, though; you must develop that intrinsic motivation while you are at it.

If you’re looking for a gym buddy because you lack the information or knowledge to get in a solid workout, you may want to shift your focus away from gym rats to those personal trainers at your gym. Remember, it’s their job to make sure you work out the best of your abilities. And if you ask them nicely, they’ll have no problem to share a few tips with you regarding bodybuilding and weightlifting.

If you found this article helpful, feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments below.