Ketogenic Diet & Exercising

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Top 5 Ways to Exercise When on a Ketogenic Diet


The ketogenic diet revolves around the reduction of carbs and since the human body usually relies heavily on carbs for its main source of energy, many people wonder how and what it feels and looks like to exercise while in the state of ketosis. Let’s just say this immediately – exercising on a keto diet is possible, of course. There are various misconceptions and false rumors about the ways to exercise when following this diet so we’ll take a look at five proper ways to put in those hours of workout when you’re on a keto diet.

Start things off lightly

bodybuilding personal trainerSince you have changed your dietary strategy, you have to allow time for your body to adapt. It won’t feel nice in the beginning, the first few days are the worst. The brain got used to using carbs as a primary source of energy (glucose from carbs) so it has to get used to using ketone bodies that are created by breaking down fats in the liver. Now it’s obvious that the adjustment process takes some time. So, if you’ve been on a tough regimen, slow down, take a breather while your body gets ready. Also, at first you should skip workouts that require quick reactions to stay safe! Look at this period as a ‘warm-up’ period. Your body needs to readjust to the new source of ‘fuel’. Therefore, you shouldn’t rush. Also, this ‘way’ isn’t optional, you need to start things off slowly.

Workout types

Now that we have established that there has to be a period of ‘warm-up’, let’s take a look at specific exercising ways while on a keto diet. These types of exercise will get the maximum out of your body. Of course, they are divided into four types because not everyone is looking to achieve same things on a keto diet. Also, some exercises from these four types of workouts really help with the ‘How long does it take to get into ketosis?’ question. Well, they can speed up the process but let’s not expand on that topic for now.

  • Aerobic workouts – these are also known as cardio workouts. It’s really simple to learn, aerobic exercises and workouts are anything that lasts over three minutes with lower intensity. Steady-state cardio means fat burning which is really good for the vast majority of people looking to cut weight. Cutting weight is still the number one reason why people want a keto diet.
  • Anaerobic workouts – these workouts are all about bursts of energy. To be precise, anaerobic exercises are characterized by shorter bursts of energy. It’s like HIIT (high-intensity training) or weight training. Carbs are usually the main source of fuel for these exercises. So, don’t rush with anaerobic workouts in the beginning.
  • Flexibility workouts – these help with stretching. And one should never underestimate stretching since it prevents injuries. Flexibility exercises stretch out muscles, joints and improve range of motion. This in turn prevents injuries caused by shortening of the muscles over time. For example, yoga is a good flexibility workout.
  • Stability workouts – these comprise of balance exercises and core training. Workouts of this kind improve alignment, strengthen muscles and provide better control of movement.

HIIT issue

Now that you’ve seen your options when it comes to workout types and ways, it’s important to note a few things. The main problem with HIIT is that no matter the macronutrient ratio intake, your body will always turn to glycogen stores and they are fueled by carbs. This means that HIIT is compromised. Instead, you need to train at a moderate intensity. That is ideal for the optimization of your body’s fat burning potential. If you’re really big on HIIT, then consider doing keto in your off-season or when you’re less focused on performance and more focused on your body’s composition improvements.


The state of ketosis combined with exercising can be a really effective way to cut weight, tone your body and improve your body composition. However, as you can see, the path towards that isn’t so easy. You have to bear in mind that your body changes the way it does things (energy sources). Having that in mind, you need to be careful when and how you combine various types of exercises and how intense you want your exercises to be.