Workout Improvements 4 2019

10 Jan 1 Comment Jane Fitness, Useful Tips

How to Improve Your Workouts in 2019

Getting into shape requires knowing how our bodies work and how best to develop our workout routines so that our bodies can live up to their full healthy potential. To help you get your body into shape quicker and healthier this year, we have analyzed data from all of the most reputable studies and taken qualified exercise experts’ opinions to heart. Here are some helpful tips on how to improve your workout routines in 2019.

Stay Hydrated

Want to be able to work out longer and with a better mental and physical performance? Take it from the Uniformed Services University (a.k.a. Health experts for the U.S. military), drinking the right amount of water during your workout is essential to getting into shape. Building a strong body mass can only happen if it’s properly hydrated. According to USU’s studies, dehydration during exercise means you’re putting your muscles at risk.

Be sure to consume between 3 and 8 oz of water every 15 minutes during your workout. That’s at least a few big gulps! If you’re planning on doing an intense workout that lasts over 45 minutes, be sure to be consuming a liquid with vitamins and electrolytes in it. This is because your sweat will be releasing important nutrients in your body and dehydrating it much more than a quick workout routine.

Have a Snack Before or After Your Workout

It can be tempting to skip a snack right after an intense workout, but doing so makes your workout almost useless. Giving your body some protein before or after workout routines can make drastic improvements in your body. According to an expert article published by the Journal of Sports Nutrition, consuming good protein during this time can help rebuild muscle, restore energy, and greatly enhance exercise performance overall. Be sure to have some protein snacks stocked away in your work out bag! Things like protein bars, nuts, or a protein shake are great options!

Only Stretch After Training

Your gym teacher may have had you stretch before exercising, but beware that you’re only setting yourself up for trouble by doing so! The specialists at Texas Physical Therapy stands by studies that found that stretching before a workout only makes your muscles weaker and prone to more injuries.

A report from the Centers for Disease Control in 2008 that surveyed injuries from college athletes, found that stretching after a workout was much more effective for preventing injuries. Over half of the athletes’ injuries were cut in half when they began with a light cardio warm-up routine and finished with static stretching.

This year put your health first and add these simple guidelines to your workout routine. Let this be the year you finally stick with exercising and helping your body improve! All it takes is some focus, preparation and a protein snack to get in shape. By sneaking in that protein snack, staying hydrated, and restricting your stretching to after training, you’ll see quicker and more drastic improvements to your health and body this year.