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Here is Rolandas’ Sky News expert interview (December 2015) –

In February 2015, Rolandas Malinauskas was chosen to be an expert voice in an interview on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). You can see that here

Rolandas brings together a unique mix which can help you create, or collaborate with him, to produce unique, compelling content. He is an expert who is motivated to spread valuable knowledge, and therefore is open to various creative collaborations.

Press, Bloggers & Other Collaborators

Rolandas can act as an expert voice in the personal training, health and natural bodybuilding industry. He can collaborate to provide insightful blogs, features, comments and content on relevant issues within the world of personal training, natural bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition and weight loss. If there’s a specific subject you’d like Rolandas’ professional viewpoint on, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact details below.

Contact Rolandas As An Expert Voice & Collaborator

Rolandas’ PT4U (Personal Training 4 U) is one of London’s premier private training studios, and Rolandas himself has over 20 years of natural bodybuilding training combined with 15 years of personal training experience. With a plethora of awards under his belt (Rolandas has won the coveted title of National Physique Association Mike Williams Classic 2011 Men’s Lightweight Champion and 2011 Men’s Lightweight British Vice-champion), Rolandas is the ideal professional to turn to when looking to lose weight, tone up, sculpt muscle or raise your fitness levels.

Physique improvements are Rolandas’ speciality. His regime is all about body transformation via fat loss and lean muscle development or maintenance. He has also been consulting on a GP referral scheme in Islington for the last three years, and has been known to treat lower back pain, knee pain, cardiovascular problems and arthritis with different forms of exercise.

If you are currently planning new content, Rolandas can offer a multitude of trials, advice and options for press, bloggers and collaborators. Rolandas would like to help you create expert, exclusive content on topical subjects. If you’d like to collaborate, here are his main areas of expertise:

  • Weight management
  • Personal training
  • Nutrition
  • Muscle gain
  • Fat loss
  • Natural bodybuilding
  • The risks of steroids
  • Weight loss
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