Best Home Gym Accessory For Covid – Pull Ups Bar

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Why Pull Up Bars Are The Best Home Gym Accessory for Covid

pull ups bar for home gymsDo you miss going to the gym? Are you trying to stay active during the lockdown? Given gyms are nowhere near being opened soon; you should consider investing in a home fitness accessory, such as a pull-up bar.

These accessories are convenient, versatile, and easy to install to doorways, ceilings, or walls. Doing such exercises on a regular basis improves posture, physical and mental health in users. The strain to the joints is minimal, whereas the health benefits of doing pull-ups are abundant.

Learn why investing in such a fitness accessory is a well-reasoned decision during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A wide selection of models

Pull-up bars are thought to be one of the essential items in home gyms due to their incredible versatility and adjustability. Individuals generally prefer the doorway models, which are amazingly easy to install to doorways or move around the house. In order for the door construction not to get damaged, make sure the mounts are covered with PVC foam. Check out this page for some practical tips about setting up such a gym accessory in your home.

Furthermore, the mounted models provide the greatest stability, as these are directly secured to a door, ceiling, or a particular wall in the house. When looking for maximum flexibility, make sure you pick a ceiling-mounted model,

If you have been exercising at home even before the pandemic, a tower-style model would be ideal for your garage gym. It’s the priciest variant, but the support of these accessories goes up to one thousand pounds.

Improves posture and physical health

Another reason to invest in a pull-up bar while the pandemic keeps gyms closed down is improving your posture and physical health. Since working online has become a trend in recent months, many individuals experience problems with their posture. Spending too many hours working on a laptop or PC is detrimental to one’s posture in the long run. However, doing pull-ups does miracles for the upper back muscles, which are vital for good posture.

Additionally, pull-ups are believed to enhance the physical health of fitness enthusiasts. There are numerous fitness sites, like Pull Up Bars Ireland, explaining the benefits of consistent pull-up training. Doing such exercises not only improves muscle strength but minimizes back pain as well.

Moreover, having this type of gym accessory at home helps users normalize their blood pressure and assists in the management of type 2 diabetes. Since hypertension and diabetes are only a few of the comorbidities that worsen COVID-19 infection, regular exercise enables people to fight the virus better.

Improves mental health

Physical health isn’t the only one that individuals should worry about while the pandemic lasts. Lockdowns are believed to have a detrimental effect on people, particularly those suffering from anxiety and depression. The lack of socialization and spending most of the time indoors have proven to be overwhelming for the largest part of the world population.

Nevertheless, pull-up training is incredibly beneficial for the enhancement of one’s mental health. It’s known to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, minimize fatigue and depression, as well as improve focus and cognitive skills in fitness enthusiasts. Additionally, practising regular pull-up sessions is a perfect way to distract yourself from anxiety and have an energetic daily routine.

Non-strenuous joint exercise

Another reason for investing in such a gym accessory in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic is the ability to do non-strenuous joint exercises. People who haven’t spent too much time on fitness will find pull-ups absolutely convenient for their routine. See this link,, to learn some practical pull-up tips and tricks.

The bodyweight movements cause no particular strain to joints, except for those located in the elbow and shoulder area. Since these joints are activated every time you move a portion of your upper body, they aren’t susceptible to much fatigue. Consequently, people can do pull-ups every single day without worrying about overstraining their joints. Although it’s normal for people to face difficulties in performing them initially, they improve their technique in a few weeks.

Bottom line

Make sure you stay physically and mentally active during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s challenging but still possible!