Why Do We Have Hiccup?

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Allow the writer to say, there is nothing more annoying than hiccups. They occur so suddenly and so unexpectedly. One minute everything is okay, you are chilled enjoying an us online casino game and the next you are almost out of your chair because of hiccups.  They are so frustrating.

What are Hiccups?

Also known as hiccoughs, they are sudden spontaneous spasms of the diaphragm muscle. When the muscle spasms, the vocal cords snap shut producing the hiccup sound. Meaning they can occur at any time and anywhere, that’s just irritating. And most times they can last for a few minutes which can be embarrassing if this happens in public.

What Causes Hiccups?

Common causes of hiccups are eating too quickly, having alcohol or carbonated drinks, or sudden excitement, emotional stress, smoking, chewing gum to mention but a few. So basically any action that irritates the diaphragm can result in hiccups. In most cases, they finish within two or three minutes. And they rarely have any side effects. Did you know that you can avoid lot of things by playing casino games at an online casino.

However prolonged hiccups are a cause for concern. If someone has hiccups continuously for over three hours it is advised that they see a doctor. People are advised to seek medical attention when the hiccups interfere with sleeping, eating, when a person starts hiccupping blood and if they occur with a severe stomach pain.

Other causes of hiccups include steroids, kidney diseases, anaesthesia, electrolyte imbalance and barbiturates among others.

Medical Illness Associated with Hiccups

Prolonged hours of hiccups are associated with a series of illness. A few of those being stroke, meningitis, encephalitis and brain tumours. So as mentioned earlier, should they last for more than 3 hours, do seek medical attention.

How to get rid of Hiccups

These are home remedies for hiccups.

-holding your breath for about thirty seconds.

– doing a headstand for a minute

– biting on a lemon

-gargling on water

-sticking a finger in your ear

-sticking your tongue out

-having someone scare you