Training Like Batman

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 Batman’s physique evolution  

There once was a time when Batman was portrayed as an average-sized human being, with nothing particularly super about his physique (think Adam West in a leotard in the 1960s TV series). However in comic books, his body would give real-life body builders a run for their money, but when it come to translating his character onto the big screen, finding an actor that had all that muscle, or at least undergo training, didn’t seem to be a priority for film and TV directors.

personal training east londonIn some instances, Batman is still represented as an average Joe. But for the most part in today’s manifestations of the DC Comics legend, the superhero dons a suit with a perfectly sculpted torso and a body to match it. Actors like Christian Bale and Ben Affleck bulked up well to fit into the costume. Although stars like them have a whole team of nutritionists and trainers to aid in the transformation, these training programs are accessible to everyone. All it takes is motivation and discipline.

Across the web, you’ll find several variations of the Batman workout, from fictional inspirations to real bodyweight exercises formulated by trainers. The Batman Files revealed Bruce Wayne’s training program, which is next to impossible for mere mortals, as it includes deadlifting 620 pounds, various other forms of weightlifting, sparring and running, all to be completed before noon. The only real workout that comes close to this would be CrossFit. But CrossFit isn’t for everybody. And thankfully, many trainers have decided to use Batman’s physique solely as inspiration for the end result to come up with more realistic workouts.

For instance, Affleck trained for 15 months prior to his new role, following a strict regimen even during the filming of Gone Girl. His program was created by Walter Norton, Jr., and it consisted of two kinds of workouts. According to Chris Davis from Pop Workouts, the goal wasn’t to completely sculpt the actor, but rather make him look like a powerful MMA heavyweight. Both workouts start out with a 30-minute cardio session in the morning on an empty stomach. The afternoon portion of the first workout is made up of a warm-up, activation phase, strength building and circuit training, while the afternoon portion of workout 2 focused on the first three categories.

The actor/filmmaker is by far the biggest of all Batman iterations, and the closest directors have ever been to depicting his size in comics. The muscular tone of the comic character is certainly inline with the superhero strength of Bruce Wayne. Still, there are several appearances in pop culture today that pay homage to vintage characterizations of Batman, shunning the more muscular version we currently see on the big screen. The popular Batman & The Penguin Prize game, which is hosted on the online gaming hub Betfair reverts back to the era when the aforementioned Adam West Batman was featured on primetime television. However, the older versions of Batman are certainly no match for today’s super villains, as well as recent opponents like Superman. For starters, Henry Cavill underwent a completely different program that was similar to what a professional bodybuilder would follow during his stint playing the superhero. It’s also worth noting, a less bulkier Batman just isn’t as convincing on the big screen. Thus, to truly take on the role, the likes of Affleck and anyone who follows in his footsteps, needs to continue this muscular appearance for the sake of the superhero’s preferred aesthetic. A Batman workout is intended for people to look almighty and powerful, not appear like a regular gym rat.

At the end of his training, Affleck managed to gain 20 pounds of muscle while still maintaining a lean body. The key for him was to eat clean and have 6 or 7 small meals a day. So for optimum results, make sure you adhere to that strict diet.


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