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Total Gyms – Our Solution to Your Fitness Needs

online personal trainerIt is safe to say that fitness and health are at the forefront of the majority of the trending medical topics online or in published literature. Anything new illness that erupts such as the one we are facing now in 2020, somehow ends up being about a person’s health and their fitness levels. We hear it all the time – what you eat is just as important as the activities you do.

We as human beings are made to move, we have parts designed for us to move constantly in different ways and means, bending stretching, rotating, you name it, we can do it. Even those freakishly flexible people whom we see on magicians programs known as contortionists who can twist and bend their bodies to fit into the smallest spaces and even suitcases, they are performance artists and very entertaining but even though it may make you cringe, it’s a fact of life. The more you move the better you get at being more flexible.


Some of us need a little extra help when having to do this, i.e. going to the gym or fitness studios to join a bunch of other people who also need some personal motivation from doing it in groups, and a trainer showing you how it’s done. Nothing wrong with that. There is however one small thing that irate me, when I go to the gym I sometimes have to wait for a few minutes to an hour before I get onto a specific machine because someone took it just before I got there. Again, nothing wrong with that, we all need to give each other a chance too.

Perhaps another small issue I should mention is the fact that when I do finally get my turn on the treadmill or the stationary bike, its wet…full of sweat. Now that, is where I draw the line. In any case, having the option of Total Gyms just makes life so much easier, because for instance in a climate such as now when all our access to gyms and fitness studios has been denied, we have nowhere to go but to hit the roads, jogging paths, and parks.

Now that we have established, going to the gym is no fun when you have the option of staying at home and doing your fitness, we would recommend one piece of equipment that will make all the difference, from gaining the same benefits as a total gym workout will, and it’s even called a Total Gym. Read about this more here.


But when you’re not in the mood and want to stay at home in the privacy of your own four walls, get fit without anyone bothering you, not to mention having to wait on equipment and touching other people’s sweat, this may just be the best option. The plus point is, when everything does open up again, you can still keep doing your thing in your Total Gym without any hassles as you have been doing and not even having to spend any extra money on membership fees and extras.

There are loads of resources online that can give you some further information on which one to choose based on your budget and fitness preferences including accommodating people who are tall or short, like this one for example

With the total gym you can work all your muscles using different techniques without having to move to the next machinery. They barely take up any space in your home or garage and you can do an array of different types of exercises on it including weight-lifting, pushups, ab exercises, chest, and arm workouts to name a few.

Not everyone is a fan of this unit but we think it’s because not everyone knows how many amazing benefits it has. Unless you have a gigantic basement to include an entire gym circuit and all of its equipment in it. This apparatus will suffice. If you’re new to it, you can even get training material to help you along the way, like DVDs to watch while training. Otherwise look for any sources online or in fitness magazines to help you along the way, because everybody is a fan.