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Tone Up – What’s That?

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Lose Fat, Not Muscle

Tone up is one of the most popular personal training goals. Many people use this expression – tone up – without realizing what it actually stands for.

Physique’s frame is formed by muscle attached to skeleton. When body fat is low, without the muscle shaped forms you get an anorectic  appearance. On the other hand, if muscle is covered by fat you can’t see the real body shape, just a flabby mass all around.

Get rid of fat, maintain/gain lean body tissue-muscle and you become nicely shaped, tight and firm – toned up. Bingo!

Tone up would be that simple if you didn’t need to eat less in order to  lose body fat but still feed and stimulate muscles well, while destroying the stubborn fat.

Tone Up Complications

Well, maybe you don’t need the expertise of personal trainer Rolandas… Having a strong will and determination you can become more physically active, spend extra energy per day, cut down daily calories intake and keep it going!

Is it enough to tone up though???

Training and dieting without any excuses you will actually lose weight, but… Will you have the correct muscle-fat loss ratio?

Without precise dieting and training, while losing fat, it is impossible to avoid muscle loss resulting in skeleton appearance (remember? – body frame is formed by skeleton and muscle) and slower metabolism.

Not getting to that extreme level will leave some of the flabby “gel” annoyingly staying around your waist. You will be smaller but still fat…


Tone up personal training

Gary started his personal training at PT4U with 69 kg (152.5 lbs; 10.9 stones), 81 cm (31.9 inches) waist and 18.5% body fat. In 2 months Gary lost weight to 64.4kg (142 lbs, 10.2 stones), cut waist to 72cm (28.3 inches) and dropped body fat to 10 %.

Online Tone Up Personal Training

Even though it’s complicated, nothing is impossible. Over 20 years of natural bodybuilding and 15 years personal trainer experience owning Rolandas has been delivering body composition and tone up results to his clients in east London on a regular basis.

Fat loss and development of lean muscle is all that natural bodybuilding is about.  Online personal trainer Rolandas, PT4U –  is a natural bodybuilder who approaches the second decade studying human physiology, training, competing himself and personal training others.

Advanced tone up personal training and dieting techniques are being used to guarantee you the shortest paths to the toned body.

Define your physique with online personal trainer – PT4U, contact Rolandas for optimum tone up results.

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