Steel Body Blueprint

personal trainer london“Steel Body Blueprint” is a physique development manual allowing general public to enjoy benefits of natural bodybuilding.

I start the book by drawing a very clear distinction between bodybuilding, that has its image ruined by steroid abuse, and natural bodybuilding – the most efficient sport in transforming physique composition strictly via training and dieting. Then I explain specificity of natural bodybuilding for different genders, age groups and genetic types.

After that, I go into details about dieting. I teach how to control and count food quantities depending on your goals, weight, lean body mass, age etc. I describe what macronutrients are and how to manipulate them in order to maximise results of a diet (again, reflecting different goals). I give details on the use of sports supplements, including multivitamins and minerals.

After dieting part, I write about training. I describe what weight training is and what physiological effects it brings. I go into details about progress and periodisation, full body and split routines, compound and isolation exercises and advanced training methods.

I give universal explanations and instructions on fundamental body movements that can be used for any exercises. Then I provide various training routine examples for any situation and goal.

When I finish writing about weight training then I talk about the use of cardio and flexibility exercising, having in mind that physique development is the prime goal. I finish the book giving my tips on how to deal with posture issues and highlighting the importance of resting and recovery.

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