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Clara (amateur tennis player) in one month’s personal training with Rolandas improved her time at 15m (16.5 yards) sprinting from 4.34sec to 3.46sec (almost 25% faster) and won the South Hampstead LTC mixed doubles tournament shortly after the personal training regime.

Fitness conditioning is the key to top performance at any sport. In order to perform at the top of your abilities and use the skills you have got, you must do sports conditioning training. Most athletes enjoy their sport skills training much more than the grinding of the conditioning training, but the fact is – skills go out of the window if your body stops functioning due to lack of fitness.

The variety of tasks and goals in different sports requires improving your fitness conditioning at the particular fitness component/-s and/or movement/-s that are specific to the sport.

For example, the ratio of how much cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance and power is needed in two diverse sports – long distance running and mixed martial arts, differs. For instance, the runners-stayers, in comparison to fighters need much more cardiovascular stamina, not as much muscle endurance and no power to last an extensive time of moderate intensity effort, whereas fighters need much more muscle endurance to be able to keep up the explosive bursts of energy for few minutes, as well as the developed power can help end the contest in just few seconds. The fitness conditioning training of these athletes differs accordingly, focusing on the dominant fitness components of their sports.

Traditional sports that have the best suited methods for raising fitness conditioning levels are: strength sports (power lifting, bodybuilding and Olympic weight lifting) and track & field. The deep knowledge of those sports, gathered through past few decades, is invaluable when correctly adopted for fitness conditioning training of any other specific sport.

Sports Conditioning Personal Training Online

Personal trainer Rolandas is qualified by YMCA as an advanced personal trainer in sports conditioning, which added to his more than 20 years of natural bodybuilding training and 15 years personal training experience in east London makes him an expert personal trainer in sports conditioning.

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Personal trainer Rolandas (5’6”/1,72m) is comfortably reaching the basket rim (11’5”/3,5m)

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