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Online Personal Trainer Rolandas

Unlimited Number Of Live Online PT Sessions

Online personal trainer Rolandas provides live personal training sessions via Skype. You can book your convenient time to train with Rolandas as if you are training with him in person.

Unlimited number of personal training sessions – £150/month

Prerecorded Training Sessions’ Analysis

Give online personal trainer Rolandas access to your prerecorded training sessions and he will analyse technique of your movements. You will get detailed tips on any issues you might have. No limit on how many sessions you can get analysed.

Service price – £100/month

24/7 Fitness Help Line

You can text online personal trainer Rolandas at any time if you have any issue regarding your diet or training. Your online personal trainer Rolandas is going to come up with an instant best solution for the given situation you’re in at that moment. Let’s say it’s 10pm, you’re hungry and not sure what to do (you don’t want to gain fat). Text Rolandas and you will have the optimum solution.

Service price – £100/month

Individual Training Routines

Online personal trainer Rolandas composes highly individualized training routines that match your goals, age, lifestyle, level of experience and commitment.

Service price – £50

Personal Diet Routines

Online personal trainer Rolandas creates individual diet routines that take to consideration your age, goals, lean body mass, lifestyle and result urgency.

Service price – £50

The Ultimate Online Personal Training Package

Rolandas offers an all inclusive online personal training deal (includes all the previously mentioned online personal training services). Ultimately, the deal saves you money.

Service price – £200/month (buy 3 months upfront and be fully set up for online personal training by getting free tripod stand, tripod stand smartphone adaptor and wireless mini earphones with a built in microphone)