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Rolandas'PT4U Online Personal Training Services

Live Online Personal Training (unlimited number of personal training sessions £200/month)

As far as LIVE online personal training technicalities go – you can do your training anywhere you like (bodyweight exercises can be used if you’re not in a gym enviroment). Via Whatsapp (or any other your preferred video call app) you watch and hear Rolandas on your phone, and he hears and sees you too. For best experience you can use wireless headphones, also – a half palm size phone stand that you can put anywhere on the floor and adjust phone screen angles. Wherever you train – you get live professional supervision.
Comparison of live online PT & in person PT:

Back and forth visual & verbal teaching/learning ✔ Back and forth visual & verbal teaching/learning ✔
Feedback during exercise ✔ Feedback during exercise ✔
Present time-live supervision ✔ Present time-live supervision ✔
Live communication ✔ Live communication ✔
Motivation and encouraging presence ✔ Motivation and encouraging presence ✔
Physical contact ❌ Physical contact ✔

Individual Training Routines

Online personal trainer Rolandas composes highly individualized training routines that match your goals, age, lifestyle, level of experience and commitment.

Service price – £50

Personal Diet Routines

Online personal trainer Rolandas creates individual diet routines that take to consideration your age, goals, lean body mass, lifestyle and result urgency.

Service price – £50

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