PT4U Challenge For You

PT4U Challenge!!! Show your arms strength!

online personal training PT4U Challenge. How strong are your arms?

PT4U Challenge: 2 arms’ supersets (Narrow Barbell Press & Standing Barbell Biceps Curl)!

Are you ready to put your strength to the test?

The Prize?  The winners get to hook up with me for a session and share the knowledge and experience for mutual benefit.

How to enter?

Record yourself doing the below:

Weights for lifting:

Men – body weight (BW) x 1.9 (or 180 kg), press 1 rep, curl 4 reps
BW x 1.6 (or 155 kg), press 5 reps, curl 10 reps

Women – body weight (BW) x 1.05 (or 80 kg), press 1 rep, curl 4 reps
BW x 0.75 (or 67.5 kg), press 5 reps, curl 10 reps.

The requirements to be met:

Narrow press – grip width the size of fist; barbell lowered down till forearms contact sides of pecs and start spreading elbows. Full extension at the top.
Biceps curl – at the top of the movement elbows fully bent and reaching chest. At the bottom of the movement elbows extend to a soft position (not extending to full lock)

How to enter?

Kindly email me here:

Please include any links to videos or you can attach them here:

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