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Ancient Greeks came up with such premises as gymnasiums (gyms for shorter) where people would work on their physical body development. They didn’t have expensive treadmills or chest press machines etc. but were ancient gyms any worse than current day overpriced commercial gyms?

Home Personal Training in London

Mobile gym equipment for personal training at home

Why DON’T posh gyms secure good results?

Training facilities are often overestimated in terms of how much effect it has on the actual training. The best proof of that are all modern gyms with the newest, expensive cardio and resistance machines but underachieving costumers/gym members. The reason for that is… – machines don’t do the work for you. It’s your body that has to perform during a training session in order to have a desired impact on it. The good training is the tough training. A question – what is the purpose of the latest edition training machines? Is it to make training harder and tougher, hence better? Another question which also is an answer – is free weight squat easier to do than a leg press machine? Those who have tried it know the answer.

Posh gyms have OTHER mission than deliver great, tough training and ultimately real results – they are social clubs/spa centers operating the way the majority wants – selling the psychological comfort of doing something with minimal efforts. The most prestigious brands producing training machines meet those needs. It’s plain business – people get sold and told what they ask for.

What DOES ensure a descent progress?

If a person wants to see noticeable changes in the physique there have to be OTHER priorities than gym coziness and training machines’ fanciness. Since ancient times, thousands of years ago human body still moves the same – it can push and pull, extend and flex/curl. There’s nothing else the most expensive fitness equipment brands can make up here. Body movement itself has to be focused on – not the use of a machine. Compound movements create the best, most natural physical stress. Free weights, resistance bands, body weight and manual resistance can be used on those movements and it will be tougher, hence better than any most prestigious and expensive machine.

Personal training at your own home

So – knowledge and experience in training bring results – NOT gym equipment. A good personal trainer poses both. Combination of training and eating plans tailored precisely to client’s goals guarantee a smooth progression. Experienced personal trainer will always find ways to engage body into effective movements with enough resistance despite the least gym like environment. That makes personal training at your own home much more efficient than training at any well advertised big chain gym.

Your own home in London can become personal training space if you contact RolandasPT4U in London and use the experience of the personal trainer Rolandas instead of waisting your time at big, posh gyms.


Rolandas Malinauskas is online personal trainer with 12 years personal training experience in east London and decorated natural bodybuilder – Natural Physique Association (NPA) Mike Williams Classic 2011 Men’s Lightweight Champion, NPA Mike Williams Classic 2011 Men's Overall Vice-champion and NPA British Championship 2011 Men’s Lightweight Vice-champion. Rolandas has been dedicated to natural bodybuilding for over 18 years now. 3 out of 12 years of personal training career Rolandas has been consulting on one of the biggest schemes of Exercise on GP Referral in London (Islington), allowing him to treat lower back, knee pain, cardiovascular problems, arthritis etc.