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Is low body fat and good cardiovascular fitness the ultimate achievement of gym training? Although it’s enough for most healthy and fit people to simply enjoy an active lifestyle, there is a lot more to achieve with professional, specific personal training.

If you are that someone who wants to gain more, get into bodybuilding, the one without steroids – natural bodybuilding – to build up a muscular, powerful physique and become seriously strong  – Rolandas’PT4U is the right place.

London Natural Bodybuilding Personal Trainer – Rolandas’PT4U

Natural Bodybuilding Competition

Personal trainer Rolandas posing at NPA British Championship 2011

Personal trainer Rolandas is a natural bodybuilder himself, training this sport for over 18 years, owns titles as NPA (Natural Physique Association) Mike Williams Classic 2011 Men’s Lightweight champion, Mike Williams Classic 2011 Men’s Overall vice-champion and NPA British Championship 2011 Men’s Lightweight vice-champion (representing himself as an athlete and a trainer). Awarded trainer’s certificate by Lithuanian Bodybuilding Federation, has got 12 years behind him as a personal trainer. RolandasPT4U, the natural bodybuilding trainer in London – it’s knowledge with intensity.

Breakdown of Rolandas’ 10 reps max squatting technique (in the video above): this is a bodybuilding squat technique, not power lifting, depth aim is thighs parallel to floor (some reps lack the depth a little due to max weight). The movement starts with hips pushing back and knees bending. Biomechanically, hips pushed back result in upper body leaning forward, which is controlled by keeping upper back tight, shoulders retracted and chin pointing up. Going up, upper body is forced as upright as possible while hips are still pushed back not letting lower back to round. At the top of the movement knees stay very soft (no locking) and hips are not fully extended forward due to multiple, consecutive reps, which allows an immediate start of the next repetition pushing hips back, without any moment of losing the tight form (soft knees kept, prevent the extra pressure on lower back). Pausing at the top in this position would be a big mistake – upper body is still slightly leaning forward and an instant consecutive repetition must be started avoiding unnecessary pressure on lower back muscles.

Saying that, pausing at the top of a squat movement is what normally everyone does but here’s why Rolandas DOESN’T use that technique – to pause at the top of a squat without the extra pressure on lower back muscles, hips have to be fully extended forward, which partially relaxes core muscles that are responsible for stabilizing spine, making it more vulnerable at that point and also, hips extension locks knees putting full pressure of the whole weight straight on knee joints.

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Natural Bodybuilding Results

The client with 78.3 kg (172.3 lbs; 12.4 stones), 57 cm (22.8 inches) thighs, 79 cm (31.6 inches) waist, 105 cm (42 inches) chest and 34 cm (13.6 inches) arms (not flexed) has gained muscle weight and size to 83.2 kg (183 lbs, 13.2 stones), 60cm (24 inches) thighs, 79.5 cm (31.8 inches) waist, 110cm (44 inches) chest and 36 cm (14.4 inches) arms (not flexed),also increased working weights by 25%, in just 6 weeks of personal training at Rolandas’PT4U in London