Losing Weight Fast

19 Jul No Comments Guest Blogger Fitness, nutrition

east london personal trainerBefore we deal with the intricacies of eating methods that can help you achieve your goals, let’s begin by redefining the notion of “fast”. In order to stay healthy and strong in the weight-loss process, you should think along the lines of losing up to one or two pounds per week, but no more than that. Your body needs time to adapt to all the metabolic changes that come with shedding the extra pounds and hurrying the process may lead to putting the same weight back on faster than you managed to shed in the first place.

That is why you should consider a diet that lets you make the most of your weight loss without jeopardizing your wellbeing along the way, and the following diets are the best candidates for your weight-loss journey.

Curbing your hunger

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of dieting is that you’ll expect to feel hungry all the time. Although this does come with the territory of weight loss, this primal feeling can both wreak havoc on your eating habits, and negatively affect your results. According to Dr. David Ludwig, a professor of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, hunger is a very potent stimulus that can trigger many a change in your body – from forcing you to store more fat, to slowing down your metabolism, and thus slowing down your rate of burning calories.

Instead of strictly focusing on cutting calories, you can try by focusing on changing the types of food you eat. Opt for nutrient-dense plants that will provide you with essential fats and healthy carbs and also make you feel full, instead of hungry. Ditch the processed, sugary items from your menu, and the cravings will subside with the help of the right substitutions.

Make it personal

Many diets focus on the consequence rather than the cause, and they fail to help people stay true to their new dietary habits, thus leading to putting the weight back on. However, changing your eating habits with the help of systems such as the ONE3ONE Method which focuses on your unique situation, you can help your body tackle the very source of your weight gain issues.

It’s designed to be person-specific, as it is one of a few methods that recognizes the role of your individual needs in crafting the right diet. It targets the underlying mechanisms including your hormone balance, your metabolism rate, your gut health, all the way to your DNA, in order to find the right combination of foods and the right eating system for you.

Try the keto diet

Since our bodies predominantly use glucose as the primary energy source, it’s no wonder fat loss is such a challenging endeavor. However, the ketogenic diet has found a way to trick your body into changing its source of energy from glucose to fats, especially the pesky ones you thought you could never get rid of. This is achieved by reducing your carb intake to a minimum and replacing those carbs with healthy fats and more protein. That way, you avoid nutrient deficiencies while simultaneously teaching your body to burn fat.

The name comes from a process called the ketosis, which is when your body produces “ketones” as a response to your low-carb intake and to burning fat instead. In case you experience a more significant weight loss in the first week, this is your body ditching all the water from your system. After that first week, you can see a more gradual loss that actually comes from ketosis, since it takes time for your body to make the switch.

Join the Weight Watchers

It may start as a dieting regime, but this is yet another eating method that can help you build healthy habits and make the most of your weight loss efforts by preventing putting on the weight back. Based on healthy, nutritious foods that are filling at the same time, it’s quite like the eating regime encouraged by Dr. Ludwig.

However, it also comes with a support system in the shape of an app that helps you track your food intake, and you’ll be joining a group of people who will encourage your efforts.

Pair it with a workout program

No matter which diet you choose to go with, remember that you can both speed up your results, and achieve a much healthier, leaner physique if you further strengthen your efforts with the right exercise program to accompany your diet.

Physical activity is the second key factor in the game of weight-loss, and one that will help you not only gain, but maintain a healthy lifestyle and help build your character in order to avoid putting back the unneeded pounds.