London Weight Loss Personal Training
  • Lose weight in a healthy way - shred off 12kg (26.5 lbs; 2 stones) of fat (not lean body flesh) in 3 months
  • Learn how to maintain your healthy weight once you've achieved it

So... Weight Loss

It seems that society's growing need in weight loss proportionaly inflates the army of weight loss "experts". Everyone knows everything about weight loss. From an old lady to an overweight personal trainer.

A common personal training goal for many people in UK – weight loss – has generated an explosion of weight loss magazine articles, reports, weight loss "gurus" and celebrity endorsements of miraculous ways to "quick and easy" body weight crash. These "miracle" methods are unfortunately little more than a myth, and will do little to aid the real lasting weight loss.

Negative Weight Loss

Training and dieting that is not supported by sport's science facts are either ineffective in aiding weight loss or health threatening, or both. Losing immense amount of weight without precise, calculated diet and correct type of training is a disaster – significanly slower metabolism due to muscle loss, inability to maintain new weight after all sacrifices, occurred health problems, lots of wasted time and efforts. The final result – being fat or fat and ill... So much of the weight loss...

Weight Loss Personal Training In London

RolandasPT4U, personal trainer in London (E1) and London (W8, SW7) has extensive experience in controlled weight loss and maintenance of a new weight (weight management), covered by latest sport's science research and time proven traditions, guaranteeing you the most efficient, safe and healthy ways to lasting weight loss.

Start your weight loss, contact Personal Training 4U (RolandasPT4U), weight loss expert personal trainer in London.

Before & After

Weight Loss Personal Training in London


The client with 75 kg (165 lbs; 11.8 stones), 110cm (44 inches) waist, 50% body fat person has lost weight down to 55kg (121 lbs; 8.7 stones), 70cm (28 inches) waist and a healthy 25% body fat in 6 months of personal training at RolandasPT4U in London


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