Longevity Mindset

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It’s All In Your Mind: How To Adopt A Longevity Mindset

Human society is living very fast lives these days, with technology and stress taking priority over everything else. While your longevity mostly depends on your genes and the overall healthiness of the life you lead – there are also many different factors that can affect it. Regular exercise and a healthy diet come to mind as the obvious ones, yet there are some that you probably haven’t even heard of. The key to longer lifespan is to keep your mind as healthy as possible, which is why we’ll highlight some tips that you can use in order to achieve this goal.

Adopt a Positive Attitude

The number one factor when it comes to adopting a longevity mindset is to actually become a more positive person. People who stress over every detail may find some success in their professions, but they’re paying for it with their health. Being optimistic, easygoing, and laughing a lot is more than likely to positively affect your lifespan and make your health ‘last longer’. Surround yourself with people who can bring a smile on your face – as laughter can help you reduce stress, decrease blood pressure, and reduce blood sugar. In fact, there are so many health benefits to laughing that you simply can’t avoid it if you want to live longer.

Adopt a Pet

Many people see pets as too demanding and they opt not to live with them as they deem it too much of a commitment. Truth is, your animal companion could be extremely beneficial for your longevity for a number of reasons. Owning a dog will make the owner more active – which will automatically decrease the risks of heart disease. While cats may seem like they prefer solace to have a company, they’re actually very emotionally intelligent – so try throwing them a birthday party and you may be surprised how they react.


One thing that’s very associated with clutter is stress. It makes sense, as your mind will get cluttered if you’re living in a cluttered environment. That’s not all, as clutter will also make you more likely to be depressed. Both stress and depression are really bad for your mental health especially if they lead to higher blood pressure and pulse rate. Getting rid of clutter can be a fun process – you can organize a yard sale or a garage sale to get rid of all that unnecessary stuff. Try to enjoy decluttering your home and you’ll have better results overall.

Play Golf

There are plenty of researches that prove that playing golf can increase your life expectancy. The key is in spending so much time outdoors, playing a game that doesn’t put your whole body to the test. Most players will walk about 6-8 miles on a regular 18-hole course, which amounts to burning about 500 calories. This is if you avoid the electric golf cart, that is. There are also additional benefits that you get from exposure to sun and fresh air, while physical activity in the form of swinging a bat will affect your endurance and balance. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to golf or a seasoned player, you can always opt for golf video lessons and drop the excuses and prepare yourself for the summer.

Sit Less

We’re living in the era of sitting. Everyone’s sitting in an office, on a bus, or in their cars. Try to spend more time standing up during the day and you’ll positively affect the length of your telomeres – which will directly impact your longevity. Sitting a lot can also lead to overweight and lots of other weight-related problems, so it’s very important to reduce it to a minimum and spend every minute that you can standing or walking.

Bottom Line

From heart disease to headaches and diabetes, stress is the number one factor for so many of today’s illnesses. By adopting a positive attitude and doing everything in your power to reduce your stress level you’ll have a better shot at adding a couple of years to your lifespan. It’s important to keep your mind healthy, just as your body – so any form of mental hygiene is more than likely going to be beneficial for you.