London Personal Trainer Reveals Why Your Cell Memory Can Help You Get Results

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Did you know that your muscles retain cell memory? This means that even if you haven’t had a proper fitness regime since you were a child, your muscles can still remember those days. When you exercise your muscles, those memories are triggered. The memories are held in DNA-containing nuclei. DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid – which contains the directions for your diverse traits.

Men’s Fitness Magazine Featured This!

Sometimes the biggest struggle with starting a fitness regime is getting started with a new and better habit. In 2012 Men’s Fitness Magazine featured a study which focused on sedentary volunteers. The opening to their article was very simply:

With a single workout, you can change your DNA.

This research showed that even within one workout, exercise has a profound effect on your body and your health. Deep within your body’s cells, one workout is essentially preparing you to go on and do further exercise – this is because it has already modified your DNA expression.

London Personal Trainer Rolandas Explains Why Clients Get Better Results With Cell Memory Awareness

personal trainer bethnal greenRolandas Malinauskas is a London personal trainer and a Natural Bodybuilding Champion. He gets results with his clients in his studios based in East London and W8. Here’s what Rolandas has to say about your cell memory and getting the results you want:

“2 skinny guys sign up in a gym and start their weight training to build up their physiques. A couple of months pass by and the difference between them starts showing quite obviously… They always train together, do the same exercises and neither of them has any genetic advantages against each other. However, one of them used to lift weights at home…”

DNA, Cell Memory & Genetics

Through incorrect or not properly explained information, many people assume that their genetics have doomed them to a life of being overweight and unfit. However this is not the case. It is true that you do inherit genes. It’s also true that the genes themselves can’t be changed. However gene expression can be changed.

Attached to your genes are things which are called methyl groups. These methyl groups are what affects your gene expression. Your methyl groups can be affected in a range of different ways. They can be affected by your lifestyle, diet and also through exercise. These days this process is referred to as DNA methylation.

Cell Memory Is Triggered Even With Small Amounts Of Exercise

Another study in 2013 emphasised the same point that even a tiny bit of exercise can tap into those memories. This research study showed that even small amounts of exercise can trigger those cell memories. The research study which was released from a Swedish University in 2013, proved that even small doses of exercise can change the expression of your innate DNA. This groundbreaking study showed for the first time what happens in your fat cells when you start doing some physical activity.

“Our study shows the positive effects of exercise, because the epigenetic pattern of genes that affect fat storage in the body changes”, says Charlotte Ling, Associate Professor at Lund University Diabetes Center.

How Your Muscle Cells Work

Your muscle cells are thousands of times bigger than the majority of other cells in your body. They are the largest cells in your body. Because of this they need to contain numerous cell nuclei. When you partake in strength training, what actually happens is as your muscle mass increases it also changes the calibre of the fibres, as opposed to increasing their amount. So you could say it is a case of quality rather than quantity – that strength training essentially increases the quality of your muscle cells.

Muscles Hold Incorrect As Well As Correct Memories

Unfortunately there aren’t any muscle memory police to ensure that the memories are held in your muscles are correct. Taking one of the simplest examples of this is those people who hold themselves badly. Sometimes this issue originates due to lack of confidence at an early age, whereby the person didn’t feel comfortable with standing and walking properly upright. It can also happen purely because a younger person isn’t corrected by a parental figure, or an older person that they respect. There are also plenty of other reasons for this.

However the harsh reality of this is that these people carry an incorrect muscle memory with them throughout their life. This means that when they walk into a room, they don’t have the same impact on people as they could do if they had a correct muscle memory.

Of course the importance of this and any other incorrect muscle memory doesn’t lie only in what other people think of you. In fact what is far more important is the effect it has on you, your confidence and your health in general. This is why it is so important to get the correct instruction when starting a training program of some sort. Anyone can create new and good muscle memories for the first time.

Why Personal Training Can Help You Achieve These Results Far More Efficiently

London Personal Trainer, Rolandas, advises:

“Your body learns the ways how to be fit, strong and lean. If you haven’t taught it yet, do it now, if you have but it’s been a while since last “lectures”, remind yourself of how you can be strong, fit and well built.”


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