Lean Belly Habbits

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Lean Belly Eating Habits – Food to Avoid

online personal trainerBelly fat can make a person feel bloated and can as well carry some risk factors. For a lot of people, losing belly fat is a battle but it does not have to be so.

Fortunately, there are strategies and things that can be done to help in getting rid of it. This takes a lot of discipline, motivation and willpower. When you take the pain to develop the good eating habits, pretty soon, they will become a part of you. A lot of the time, your diet plays a notable role in getting a lean belly. Exercising daily also helps in some way as it helps to improve respiratory functions as well as blood circulation. However, no matter how much of exercise you do and you take the wrong diet, you will not achieve the kind of body that you desire.

A consistency in exercising must be complemented by the right eating habits. Knowing the kinds of food to avoid will help you in achieving a lean belly. You will find some tips on getting a lean belly here.

Foods to Do Away with to Get a Lean Belly

personal trainer onlineAs it has been established, your diet is an important part of getting a lean belly. Below are a few foods that you must avoid in order to achieve this.

Refined Sugar

Sugar is a carbohydrate that is filled with plenty of calories but does not add any nutrition to the body. From experience and studies, it has been found out rather that it only helps to gain weight which can lead to obesity as well as other health issues.

While refined sugar can be taken directly, a lot of it is taken via added sugar in a drink such as soda and fizzy drinks. You should avoid adding too much sugar to food and avoid taking drinks that contain it as much as possible. Also, do not consume fruits that have high natural sugar content.


Cheese contains a lot of fat as well as calories. So instead of eating a lot of it, stay away and rather take little potions of additive-free and unprocessed one. This does not mean that eating dairy products is inherently bad. There are healthy dairy products like skimmed milk which supplies protein and calcium to the body.

Red Meat

online personal trainingRed meat is a good source of protein, vitamins as well as minerals. Notwithstanding, too much of it does not come with many benefits when you desire to have a flat belly. Rather, red meat is synonymous with gaining weight.

Due to the preservative and high level of sodium present in it, eating it can as well lead to bloating and retention of water in the stomach. It also contains a high level of fat that can cause an increase in cholesterol. If you can, you may avoid it entirely or cut down on the amount of red meat you eat per serving. As an alternative, you can eat proteins such as chicken, turkey, and fish instead.

Foods that are High in Sodium

Asides from red meat above, you should also avoid other foods that are high in sodium. This is because the sodium in the body breaks down into water and causes the body to retain a lot of it. This will make it difficult to get a flat tummy. It can also lead to obesity.

A lot of packaged and processed foods are high in sodium as well as sugar so be careful when you take them or avoid them altogether.

A habit to develop is to rinse your canned food and vegetables as well as limit the amount of salt you use in your meals.


healthy lifestyleMost people like to drink alcohol so this is a tough one because of the caloric content in alcohol. Although red wine has health benefits, it does not help much like every other form of alcohol if you are looking to have a lean belly. You may not have to totally steer clear of alcohol but ensure that it is a little per time.

Trans Fat

Foods that are loaded with trans-fat are quite appetizing and they can also be addictive. The downside to them though is that they are full of artificial sugars and therefore are unhealthy. They will in the long run add to your belly fat by moving fat from other parts of the body. Examples of these foods include things such as cakes, cookies, wafers, French fries, chips, fried chicken, etc.

If you need to satisfy your cravings, ensure to check the product labels to see the ingredients used. You should opt for desserts that are low in sugar.

Refined Grains

Refined grains such as rice, spaghetti, and those used in making white bread, etc. usually have gone through various forms of processing. This makes their nutritional value gets reduced and even after consuming a large quantity of them, you still feel less full leading you to consume more.

The resultant effect is that it increases the level of sugar in the body making it to accumulate fat in the process. A lot of these fats usually end up around the belly.

To counter the effect of this, rather than eat refined grains, you should take whole grains such as rye bread, oat bread, flaxseed bread, or whole wheat instead. Alternatively, you can eat refined grains in very small portions.


Corn is lovely to eat and to taste but it contains a high level of sugar as well as calories making it one that is fattening. The sugar in corn is in form of fructose and this causes weight gain and an increase in belly fat. As with anything, it should be consumed in small and moderate amounts. Corn may also be consumed alongside some form of protein. This will help to reduce its glycemic effect.

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Getting a lean belly can understandably be a struggle. There are lots of foods and goodies to eat but unfortunately, if you do eat them, it will affect your tummy and waistline. It takes a lot of motivation and discipline. If you can go through with it, you will surely reap the rewards with a lean and toned belly that you have always desired.