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Your Ultimate Guide to Carnitine

Why am I so fat? How often have you directed this seemingly common and repetitive question towards yourself? Our lifestyle has changed drastically over the years, and many view present modern day lifestyle in the form of their waistlines increasing more than ever. Today’s eating habits and obesity are paramount concerns today, Maintaining a healthy weight cannot be stressed enough, with the increasing number of cases of diabetes, heart diseases and premature deaths and their effects on our bodies.

Healthier eating habits is a primary focus and should be encouraged along with health supplements. A very good supplement that is taken to maintain a healthy weight is Carnitine. We will provide you with a comprehensive guide as to what is Carnitine, why is it required, its working and how is to be used.

Carnitine – your road to healthy weight!!

Carnitine is basically an amino acid and naturally occurs within the body tissue of all organisms. Its significance lies in its function to produce energy in the body. These compounds are acting ships for transferring fatty acids from the blood to powerhouse of the body cells called as mitochondria. They also help to reduce the buildup of lactic acid in the body muscles.

Carnitine Deficiency:

Generally, there is sufficient amount of carnitine is produced in the human body unless there are medical or genetic issues present. There are 2 types of carnitine deficiency:

Primary carnitine deficiency: This is a rare genetic problem that prevents the body from using up certain kinds of fats.

Secondary carnitine deficiency is a condition when there is an insufficient amount of carnitine in the blood, causing muscle weakness and other complications.

Advantages of carnitine and carnitine supplements:

Carnitine is an essential element for body functioning and provides numerous health benefits such as:

Carnitine is popularly called as a “fat burner”. Fatty acids in the body are transported to the powerhouses of the cells that are broken down to produce energy.

It also boosts metabolism and regular exercise helps in increasing the rate of weight loss.

It also helps in building muscle weight and improving your physique.

Increases stamina during workout sessions and reduces the cramps in legs.

Improves blood flow as well as oxygen in your body.

Some studies suggest that carnitine may improve brain function and reduce age-related mental decline.

Potential reduction in blood pressure and improvement in heart health.

Carnitine side effects

Like most supplements, carnitine is safe and does not produce grave side effects when the dosage is as directed. However, there may be some negative side effects from consuming high doses of carnitine supplements such as:





Rare side effects can be the weakness in muscles and seizures.

Carnitine: Yay or Nay?

After years of studies and research, there has been a favorable outlook towards carnitine due to its wide array of benefits on the human body. The supplement can help you reach your fitness and weight goals. If you are looking towards maintaining a healthy weight or cut down on your fat, then this supplement can work wonders for you.

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