Healthy Typing Posture

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Healthy Body Position For Typing

If for any reason you spend more than 3 hours of your day on your desktop, then this is the right article for you. If you spend so much time on your machine and don’t follow the steps below, you will have some pains. However, following the steps below can relieve you from a lot of pain. Trust us, we have tried them.

Correct Typing Position

Feet and Legs: Make sure that you sit up straight. As you do so, make sure that your feet are flat on the floor. Restrain from tucking your legs beneath you and extending them forward. Did you know that you can play pokies free games while you exercising at any online casino.

Arms: To avoid pain in the arms, make sure that you adjust your chair and keyboard so that your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Your arms are to be close to your sides. Make sure that your arms are always in a relaxed posture. Should your shoulders be hunched towards your ears, do raise your chair height or lower your keyboard.

Wrists and Hands: Your wrists should be kept straight with your hands curved over the keys.

Head: make sure that your head is straight on to the work that you’re doing. If you have to tilt your head forward or backwards, make sure to change the position of the screen.

Workstation equipment

To make sure that all these body positions are kept, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment. That is chairs, desks and of the like. Allow to further elaborate on the right positions for the equipment. This also applies to equipment for playing online gambling sites game if you spend several hours gambling.

The chair needs to have height adjustment and support for your lower back.

Desk goes with the keyboard. Your keyboard determines the height of your desk. Try to get a desk with an adjustable height as well as a keyboard tray.

The monitor needs to be right in front of you. You can always tilt it to the position that you want it to be in.

Remember to always take breaks when you work. For every 30 minutes that you spend in front of the screen, take a 5-minute break.