Goodness In Potatoes

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Healthy Potatoes

Potatoes have become a part of every meal. This is not only because of their high nutritional value but also because of their great taste too. To add to all that, they can be cooked in many ways including baking, slicing, mashing, frying, boiling. As a result, they are loved by many people, both young and old.

What are potatoes?

Potatoes are a starchy, tuberous crop. Tuberous meaning that they have an enlarged root shape, which in most cases is used for storage of nutrients. Potatoes are also vegetables and have the scientific name of Solanum tuberosum. They are the 4th largest crop in the world and 1/3 of them are grown in China and India.

Health benefits of potatoes

There are several health benefits associated with potatoes. This not only because of the fact they are vegetable but also because they are rich in water, iron and potassium. Did you know that there are casino games related on vegs/fruits, to see such games visit australian online gambling sites and see a lot of interesting staff.

Prevent Cancer

Potatoes can prevent cancer. And as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. Potatoes contain various nutrients within their structure. One of these nutrients is folate. Folate plays a role in DNA synthesis and repair, as a result, prevents many types of cancer cells from forming in the body.

Research also shows that purple potatoes may prevent colon cancer. The fibre that is found in potatoes can also reduce the chances of getting colorectal cancer. Within the same potatoes, is Vitamin C and quercetin which function as antioxidants. The combination of these two protect the cells against the damage from free radicals.

Bone Health

If the doctor has told you that your bones are weak, then the chances are high that they also recommended that you eat potatoes. This is because potatoes contain phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and zinc. These are the ingredients to build and maintain bone structure and strength.

Indigestion and Cholesterol

Also found in potatoes is Vitamin C and fibre. These two can help reduce indigestion as fibre helps with the digestion process. Fibre can also help reduce the build-up of cholesterol within the body.

Other Benefits

Potatoes can also strengthen the immune system, reduce signs of ageing, boost heart health, reduce BP and help manage weight.  Thus, if you want to be playing  Casinoza casino games for a long time consider using some of your wins to buy potatoes.




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