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The Need For Health

Everyone is different with individual likes, dislikes, goals and needs from life. People have diverse lifestyles, professions and jobs, but… There’s one needcommon to all of us – that is good health.

Online Personal Trainer For Health

Many clients come to London personal trainer, Rolandas, when they want to become more toned, lose weight or build muscle. However plenty of clients realise that personal training is an excellent method to improve and maintain good health.

Shoulder Rehabilitation Personal Training

(Left) Operated left acromioclavicular dislocation
(Right) Manual resistance applied by personal trainer Rolandas during post surgery shoulder rehabilitation

Get Healthier

Don’t let physical pain and weakness make your everyday tasks difficult, don’t complain about it turning into an old nagger: lose weight to reduce joint pain, risk of diabetes and heart conditions,  cope with arthritis, get more mobile, improve posture and core stability to get better balance and get rid of lower back pain, reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, give up smoking, recover after accident, go through injury rehabilitation etc. Don’t suffer, make an appointment at PT4U with experienced London online personal trainer Rolandas.

Health Related Personal Training

Fitness and health online personal training services to improve the quality of your life, to make the healthier, more active You. 3 years out of his 15 year personal trainer career, Rolandas had been involved as a consultant to one of the biggest schemes of Exercise on GP Referral in London (Islington). In the process Rolandas added to his bodybuilding knowledge of human physiology and anatomy the unique special populations training course, and had been applying physiotherapy to treat lower back pain, cardiovascular problems, joint pain etc.

Contacthealth and fitness personal trainer Rolandas at PT4U (Personal Training 4U) to become and stay healthy.

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