Gamer Health Tips

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Games, games, games everyone loves games. And we tend to play most of the time. Games can be played when we are mad, when we are happy and even when are heartbroken. A good game will take your mind off the truckload of issues you are carrying around.

The result means we continue to spend a lot of our time on our game console, computers and handheld devices. Here are a few health tips to make sure you live to continue your quest even if it is for a real money online slot jackpot. For more information Who knows you might stand a chance to win big.

Use eye lubricants or prescribed by doctor eye drops

As we game we spend countless hours staring at screens. And as result our eyes get tired. So before and after we play we have to medicate our eyes.

Don’t slouch on the chair

When we play our games we tend to get so focused and we lean in to get more “into” the action. But this is a big no. That leaning causes damages to the backbone which causes a lot of pain. So whenever you play at canadian online casino real money you have to remember to avoid that slouching and sit up straight.

Take a break every now and again

Games are just amazing, so amazing that we want to play the whole night. If we are going to play the whole night make sure to break a break every now and again. This helps to relax the muscles and ensure maximum blood circulation.

Make sure to exercise your wrists

Playing means that our wrists are either on the table all the time or holding the game controllers. We have to make sure that when we play we stretch our wrists after every hour. This increases the flexibility in the wrists.

Eat and drink

Even though we all know how hard it is to break away from the screen when you are in the zone. However, it advised to eat and drink when you play. Make sure that you drink a lot of water and stay hydrated during the course of the play. This increases performance.

Bonus tip: Try a new game every now and again.


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