Foods Ok After Expiration

23 Mar No Comments Guest Blogger nutrition

Foods That You Can Still Eat After the Expiration Date

Sometimes those online casino games can keep you off track. Before you know it, you haven’t really had time to eat any of the perishable food.

But, you do not have to stop the game and go shopping. This is because there are actually some foods that can still be eaten after they hit the expiration date.

Therefore, proving the fact that you do not always have to count on the carton. Especially when it comes to whether or not something is still consumable.

Here are examples of some of the foods you can still consume after they have been branded “expired.”

Hard Cheese

Because hard cheese has already fermented. It becomes more resistant to moulding bacteria. Have you ever wondered why fermented can also be referred to as cheese mould?

The best way of telling if the cheese is bad is by smelling it. If the cheese still smells good but has mould on the corner, you can just remove the mould and eat the good part.


Cereal is dry food, meaning it can have a really long life span. As long as you keep it in an airtight space, you can keep your cereal for up to 8 months.

In some cases, the cereal can have a box smell or taste. But, you can still eat it and not get any stomach bugs.


Yoghurt is also part of the fermented dairy products. Meaning, the likely hood of it going bad in a short space of time is really low.

Additionally, you can actually try freezing it for a much longer life span. The only thing that can actually keep you from your yoghurt is when it starts showing moulds, until then enjoy yoghurt while you playing casinojoka games.

 Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

If you have not opened the package, you can still eat your frozen fruit and vegetables ten months after the presumed expiration date.

Therefore, if you want to preserve some of your fruits and vegetables, you can actually freeze them in an airtight bag. Be sure to divide them into parts so as to not continue freezing and defrosting them when you want to eat them. This can actually shorten the life span.