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10 Jan No Comments Jane Fitness, Useful Tips

Why Keeping Fit Will Actually Land You That Job

east london personal trainerHow much do appearances matter in a job interview? Even before any verbal interaction begins, there are certain unstated, yet essential factors that will form a potential employer’s very first impression of you. 73% of interviewers establish an early opinion of job-seekers purely based on their physical appearance. Important elements of your personal appearance include your posture, dressing and fitness, among other things. Given that perspective, it is clear that being ready for career success is not just about the immediate preparation for one single interview. It is a continuous process. Here are three reasons why training and keeping fit could be the critical swing in you landing the job you are after.

The discipline spreads

Any fitness enthusiast will tell you that the application and consistency you build up whilst working out spreads to other areas of your life. In adopting a scheduled exercise routine for example, you are likely to establish other healthy habits such as getting sufficient sleep and drinking enough water. It makes sense that a more disciplined lifestyle will undoubtedly open the door to good opportunities, and equip you well for the actual application process when they come along.

Good looks breed confidence

It is universal knowledge that the better you believe you look, the higher your confidence soars. A person’s perception of their appearance begins with their own judgment of the shape their body is in. It does not take a Hollywood-type body in order to be fit and healthy, but it is possible to know when you lose control of your fitness and consequently, your appearance. This tends to create an uneasy awareness of the fact, which can in turn create a significant dent on your self-confidence. The way you dress, talk and maintain eye contact all add up to the kind of first impression you leave.

It sends the right message

A fit applicant is likely to leave a greater impression on an interviewing panel than an unfit one. Once again, this does not mean that you must have the perfect body in order to be successful. However, if you walk into an interview room sweating and panting after  taking a short flight of stairs, it does not send a favourable message. To begin with, the external image that paints is unlikely to sit well in the employer’s psyche and effectively puts you on the back foot straight away. As a fit candidate, you are likelier to create the impression of a hardworking individual who takes initiative and applies themselves towards tangible results.
At the end of the day, your skills, talents and training will lead you to the right doors in your career. In order for those doors to open, it is necessary that you maximise on a very limited window to leave the best impression possible. This begins with your everyday lifestyle, as you keep fit and wait for your moment in the limelight.