How Fitness Feeds Business Success

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Richard Branson Says That Exercise Gives Him An Extra 4+ Productive Hours Per Day – Learn From Him And Other Leaders How Exercise & Fitness Feed Business Success

personal trainer londonMany people decide to get fit in order to look good, feel good and be healthier. Did you ever consider that being fit doesn’t only help with these things, but can actually feed into your business success?

It’s a hot topic, which has been covered by the chaps over at Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Forbes, The Huffington Post and plenty of other valuable media and niche experts.


Aaron Kwittken, Contributor to Entrepreneur and Forbes, Global Chairman and CEO of Kwittken

“Whether you prefer to stay active through a marathon, triathlon or yoga or spin class, I truly believe that a sound body creates a sound mind, which in turn will lead to sound business decisions.”

In his article over on Entrepreneur, Aaron Kwittken says that metaphorically speaking, he could talk for a long time about the parallels he has experienced between business entrepreneurship and endurance sports. His personal experience was that he had an ongoing fitness regime for a long time, which was extremely beneficial to his mental and physical state. However in 2008 he started to participate in multi-sport endurance events. He was happily surprised to find that this his performance based fitness regime helped him perform better as an entrepreneur, business owner and industry leader.

Read his full article about Physical Fitness Is Good For Business

Benefits of exercise that improve your chances of business success

– Boosts brainpower
– Reduces anxiety
– Reduces stress
– Sharpens memory
– Cognitive decline is reduced
– Self confidence is improved
– Exercise boosts energy levels
– It improves mood
– Weight issues and health conditions are combated
– Exercising can be fun
– It releases endorphins – the feel good hormone
– You sleep better

John Ratey, Psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School

personal training east london“Even 10 minutes of activity changes your brain.”
The psychiatrist goes on to say that: “Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning.”

The above quotes were taken from a feature on Business Insider – “What 11 highly successful people do to stay in shape” Below are a few examples.

Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group

Sir Richard Branson stated that he gets 4 hours or more of extra productivity from his physical activities each day. He does weightlifting, rock climbing, Bikram yoga, swimming and running.

Michael Corbat, CEO of Citigroup

Michael Corbat follows the Spartacus work out. This includes push-ups, squats and dumbbell lifts.

Aaron Patzer, Founder of

Aaron says that if he sees a tree that can be climbed, he feels the need to climb it. Apart from tree climbing he does regular weight lifting, rock-climbing and running.

Brian Calkins, President of HealthStyle Fitness, Cincinnati

“It’s no mystery to successful people that there is direct correlation between sound health & fitness and success in their career and personal lives.“

In Brian’s article on his website, he references a 2007 University of Georgia study, which showed that improved fitness levels resulted in a greater ability to focus, an improved ability to be able to follow through and improved confidence. He also makes reference to a study of 1300 executives, who earn $100,000+ annually. 75% of these executives said that:

…”good physical fitness is critical for career success at executive level.” Additionally 75% also said that they felt that being overweight is a serious career impediment.

Eve Koivula, Marketing Wiz, Coach and World Champion Athlete

“There’s no difference between fitness and business. They’re both all about power, stamina, and flexibility.”

According to Eve Koivula, marketing wiz, coach and World Champion athlete, there’s no difference between fitness and business. They’re both all about power, stamina and flexibility. “If you can squat, you can market.” Eve helps start-ups and struggling solo entrepreneurs who need clarity and focus to realize the business they dream about so that they can make money enjoying what they do.

Eve has an interesting series of podcasts that are around this subject, look for numbers 1-12 over at:

Richard Burgess, Director of Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers

“The gym helps release chemicals that in turn make me have a much more productive day.

In Essex, I have 2 PT’s – a guy and a girl. The guy does strength stuff and the girl just hurts me with core and is generally a lot tougher – PT’s motivate me to work harder at the gym when on my own, as I don’t want to be in so much pain the next time.

Brooke of College Money Insider

Because of health reasons, I’ve had to cut certain coffee and snacking habits, but I’ve found energy in much healthier ways and I’m no longer falling asleep at the desk.

Previously, I would catch myself drifting off at work… a lot. I had a co-worker who always looked out for me and begged me to try and figure out how to get over my energy problems because he was worried I’d be fired.

Since the changes I’ve made, not only have I been able to, as my manager described it, “take the bull by the horns” on a large project, but I have been given the opportunity I had always wanted, and have been allowed working on the blog. Now that I have more energy, I can get so much more done at work, and the managers are really noticing. I finished that project and have already begun a new one.

Here’s how I made these changes:

– I weaned myself off of caffeine. Instead, I keep a large bottle of water with cucumbers, strawberries, lime and mint (you can use whatever fruits/herbs you like). This helps me to stay hydrated and you can get energy (not to mention the antioxidants and fat burning properties) from the sugars in the fruits. The caffeine habit hurts rather than helps, because when you get attached to it, you need more and more to keep you from feeling drained. If you kick the habit, you kick the drained feeling as well.

– I learned that sitting at a desk for hours makes it easy to grow tired, lethargic…sluggish. When I begin feeling this way, I take a very short break to step outside and walk around the block. This serves as a great way to refresh the mind, keep the headache from staring at a screen all day at bay, and renew your energy. It’s also great for your body, since sitting at the desk all day has been proven to slow your metabolism.

– Finally, keep your lunch light. Heavy foods like pasta actually cause tiredness. Today, I had a falafel pita with flax, and watermelon. Sometimes I like to slow cook a chicken at home and then use the chicken during the week to pair with a vegetable for lunch. Focus on high protein and low carbs/sugar. I work next to a CVS, so it’s very easy to decide to walk over and grab snack cakes when I am craving a snack. When I cut that out and started buying unsalted walnuts from Trader Joe’s, I couldn’t believe how helpful just a handful of walnuts was in keeping me satisfied and from getting tired (the way eating snack cakes would). Research different types of healthy snacks, and you’ll find there are actually a lot of health benefits to eating a little something all day aside from keeping you attentive at work.

As a side note, I also signed up for a new gym membership, even though I don’t always workout, it probably still makes an impact.

Vinton Samms, Owner at 1SureProfits

I have gone through periods when my energy level was very low and I became lethargic. I didn’t want to anything. My favorite companions were sleep and watching TV.

When I realized that my interest in my business was waning terribly, I decided to do something about this. What I did was to dust off the exercise equipment on my car port and began to do weight lifting, starting with small amounts of course. I did this for one week initially working out three days for the week. I would work out for about 45 minutes at each session. When the second week came around I noticed a tremendous difference in my energy and interest levels and my mind was able to focus once again on the business.

In this way, I now had to play catch up on the times I have missed out and therefore found myself working up to 2-3 am, but this did not bother me as I was fit and continued to workout keeping my energy level up and my focus and concentration never diminished. I can safely say that once you are running a business, you need to exercise regularly as it is essential to re-energise and re-focus your energy.

Wendy Kelly, Owner of CustomFitOnline

Exactly one year ago, actually, I was invited to train with a renowned fitness coach. Small (4 people) classes and the most intense workout I have ever done. I was in the class from May to August, and in that time, my confidence soared, I managed to increase my productivity & most important perhaps, do some huge upgrading in my skills and in the type of work I do.

I was just starting to talk to my kids & a few friends about this…I need to start again, and I am going to take it as a bit of an experiment to see if my results will be the same. This time, I won’t have a coach, but just working out each day and challenging myself physically to see if my productivity/confidence improves again.

David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Marketing – Professional Writers & Ghostwriters

I had generally gained about ten pounds per decade over the course of my life. When I hit 45 or 46 (Don’t recall exactly), I gained ten pounds in the space of 6 months. Wake up call!!!

I developed a fitness routine based on three times a week stopping my work shortly before lunch and cranking up the tunes, picking up the weights, and being picked up by the chin-up bar.

I cannot say exactly how much my own productivity improved, but I usually felt more invigorated, as a result and I know I was more productive, especially in the latter half of the day. Unfortunately, once I returned to my regularly-scheduled weight trajectory, I lost the motivation. Since then I have been on-again, off-again with the training.

The best way you could motivate me now would be to sign me up for the Cheesecake-of-the Day Club (hint, hint). Within six months, I guarantee that I’ll be motivated to start pumping iron and running up stairs … with more energy to pump into my work, as well.

Q: David, what you describe happens to others, can you tell us what changed for you?

A: I plateaued from a lack of motivation, relative to all the other chainsaws I’m juggling, plain and simple. There’s only so much one can focus on, and once I no longer feared exploding like a blimp, I could allocate more attention to keeping the wolves from huffing and puffing on my door and somehow steer my kids through the high-speed maze of growing up without crashing into a wall or hurtling over a cliff (life is a video game, without the cool sound effects).


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