Exercising With Your Dog

19 Apr 1 Comment Jane Fitness, Useful Tips

Want To Get Fit? Try Exercising With Your Dog

online bodybuilding personal trainerWhy not start a fitness pact with your dog?  If you’re one of the many UK dog owners, don’t leave your dog to grow unhealthy on the couch while you work out.  Instead, get fit with your dog! What could be better for you both? The advice for fitness training is to find a fitness friend to workout with, but your dog is probably the only individual who would closely match your very own personal trainer in terms of commitment and enthusiasm.  What a great way to start each workout alongside an excited pooch, always ready for another fitness adventure!

Fit and healthier dog owners

Statistics tell us that dog owners are likely to be fitter and healthier than their non-dog owning counterparts. Research at Michigan State University found that dog owners are 34% more likely to reach their fitness goals than non dog owners.  This may well be due to those little whines and tail wags telling you it’s time to get moving!  Dog owners are more committed to exercising enabling them to lose weight and gain fitness more easily.

Activities to try together

There are many fitness pursuits that are dog friendly such as running which most dogs are well suited to.  The dog should be over 1 year old and not be one of the short-nosed Brachycephalic breeds such as a bulldog or pug.  An anti-chaffing running harness is advisable for your dog to run comfortably and you can use a long leash. Flexi or extending leads are not recommended but if you decide to fix the lead to yourself with a belt or canicross style harness then a bungee lead is a must for safety.

A good old hike with your mate

Do not underestimate the benefits of walking for improved fitness and health for both yourself and your dog.  This is one of the best ways to get fit with minimal risk of injuries or strains.  Brisk walking promotes cardiovascular health as well as toning those leg muscles, especially when a few hills are included!  It is also a great way to explore the countryside.

Other dog/human exercise options

Some dogs enjoy soccer, especially herding breeds, and this can be a great way to raise both your heart beats after a long sedentary day at the office.  Cycling is also a popular choice for dog/human exercise. This will usually involve off-road cycling where your dog can run free or using a long leash attached to the bike with a special device called a ‘springer’ which absorbs sudden pulls etc helping to smooth out the experience!

A gentler exercise option is yoga with your dog, often referred to as ‘doga’!  Doga is the perfect way to stretch those taut muscles out for greater strength and flexibility.  Many dogs’ natural stretches emulate those required for this activity. In addition, it improves the owner/dog bond alongside gains in fitness.

Fit for the future with man’s best friend

Your fitness schedule will become your way of life by working out with your dog.  Your new found fitness will be effortless and easily maintained long term. You and your dog will be reaping the benefits of good health and able to jog happily through life together.