Eliminating Lower Back Pain

16 Sep 7 Comments Shawn Lower Back Pain


online bodybuilding personal trainerAre you tired of relying on the Counter Drugs to get relief from lower back pain? Do you realize consumption of medicine can have a negative impact on your body in the long run?

However, there are alternative ways to say goodbye to lower back pain, which do not include relying on medication. One of the best ways is exercising!

The solution is quite simple, yet many of you are guilty of not following through on advice. Hence I have prepared an easy guide that you can follow to reach your dream health goal.

Read through this list and practice every day for maximum result.

  1. Back Extensions

I always like to start with the easy ones. Here, use a yoga mat or a carpet. Lie on your front and relax.

Breathe slowly as you raise your chest and support yourself on your elbows, with your palms and arms flat on the mat. Stretch your neck gently and watch the floor.

As you arch, you should feel a stretch in your stomach. Retain the pose for 20 seconds and let go. Repeat the method a few more rounds.


  • Strengthens the lower and upper back muscles.
  • Prevents future back injuries.
  • Maintains a strong spinal posture.
  1. Front Fold

The next easy exercise is the Front Fold. Stand up with your back straight with your arms hanging down to your sides. Your feet must be touching each other.

Inhale deeply as you raise them up above your head. Bend your torso downwards and touch your feet with your fingers.

Hold for as long as 10 seconds, then let go. Repeat 3 more times before changing to the next position.


  • Strengthens and removes agitation of the neck, back,and
  • Strengthens the calves, knees, hamstrings, thighs,and
  • Reduces anxiety, exhaustion,and
  1. Knee Rolls

Lay on your back and spread your arms on your sides. Stick your legs together as you lift them up slowly. Breathe easily.

Take a deep breath and roll your knees to one side, and let your breath go. Take another deep breath, roll over to the other side and let go of your breath. Make sure you’re not moving your shoulders when you’re rolling over.

Repeat the method 3 to 4 times. Relax your body for a minute before moving on to the next exercise.



  • Allows strengthening of pelvic muscles.
  • Removes back pain.
  • Improves thighs and hamstring muscles.
  1. Superman

Lie on your stomach. If you’re not using a mat, it will be painful. So prepare to use one.

Extend your arms in front of you and legs backward. Imagine how Superman flies. Yeah, that’s how you should be looking like.

Lift your limbs up 6 inches or so and feel your muscles stretching everywhere. Your stomach should be the only part touching the floor. You will be supporting your entire body just with your muscle.

Let go after 10 seconds, then repeat it 5 times.


  • Strengthens your core.
  • Works your arms, shoulders, back, hips,and
  1. Bridges

Bridges are easy for people blessed with flexible bodies, but no so for the rest of us. So only through practice can we reach perfection?

Lie on the floor with your back to it. Slowly lift your hips, back,and shoulders so that you are on your fours backward. Your palms and feet should be touching the floor.

You will be forming a semicircle with your body and it should look like a bridge. Maintain the pose for 10 seconds and then let go.

Repeat 2 more times. Take rest for a minute before moving on to other exercises.


  • Diminish back and knee pain.
  • Strengthens the core.
  • Enhances body posture.
  1. Spine Rotation

Find a comfortable chair to sit on. Sit up straight with your neck stretched with your hands on your sides.

Twist your torso to one side, hold for 10 seconds, then return to the original position. Twist to the other side, hold for another 10 seconds, and then revert back to the initial position.

Repeat it 5 times. Breathe in and out slowly while you’re rotating your body.


  • Strengthens all the muscles of the torso.
  • Reduces back pain issues.
  1. Bird Dog

Kneel on all fours, lifting your right arm up to your eye level. Slowly lift your left leg up to level up with your arm. Retain this pose for 10 seconds, then switch.

Lift your left arm to your eye level, and raise your right leg to level up with it. Hold for another 10 seconds, then let go.


  • Builds your glutes.
  • Reduces lower and upper back pain.
  1. Plank

I bet you were waiting for this. The exercise that pretty much gives relief from everything.

So, here we go. Lie on your stomach, and gradually lift up your entire body. Your toes and elbows will be supporting your body ideally. Your arms can give support as well.

Hold this position for as long as you like. For beginners, 10 seconds is enough. Repeat 3 more times until you are sweating balls.


  • Enhances the overall balance of the body.
  • Strengthens the core.
  • Improves joint health.
  • Kills back pain.
  • Boosts the metabolism and relieves stress.

In Conclusion

These exercises are not only simple, quick and easy, they also don’t require any equipment. You can do them anywhere and in less than 5 minutes!

Instead of depending on medicines, now you can get rid of back pain forever with these few easy steps. I would suggest though you check with a doctor before starting any new exercise regime if you have back pain.

On the other hand, to make your life easy at work and at home, try out the inversion tables that also heal back pain. I hope this article has enlightened you a little bit better than yesterday.


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