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Rolandas'PT4U Private Personal Training Studio In East London E1 (Aldgate East, Whitechapel)

Personal Training East London – Private Training Studio In Aldgate East, Whitechapel


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East London Personal Trainer Rolandas

East London personal trainer Rolandas is a natural bodybuilding champion who offers his services at a private personal training studio in East London E1 (Aldgate, Whitechapel surrounded by other nearby East London areas: Liverpool Street, Hackney, Shoreditch, Old Street, Moorgate, Barbican, Islington, Spitalfields, Bethnal Green, Southwark, London Bridge, Wapping, Shadwell, Limehouse, Canary Wharf, Bow, Mile End, Stepney etc.).

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East London E1 private personal training studio

This East London personal training studio is 100% private, used only for one to one personal training sessions by your personal trainer Rolandas  himself – no queuing for use of equipment.

East London Private Personal Training Studio Equipment

The personal training gym is fully equipped: 2 Olympic barbells, 300+kg free weights, standard barbell, 2 hardcore weight racks, 2 heavy duty adjustable benches, 2 pairs of adjustable dumbbells, pull up bar, 2 cable machines, leg extension, leg curl, cross trainer, swiss ball, med ball etc.

Access By London Underground

Various parts of London are easily accessible via London underground:

5 minutes walk to Aldgate East, Whitechapel underground stations (the personal training studio is situated in between the two stations)

10 minutes to Aldgate, ShadwellTower Gateway, Tower Hill,

15 minutes to Liverpool Street, Wapping, Bank, Bethnal Green, Stepney Green,

20 minutes to Shoreditch High Street, Mile End, Limehouse, London Bridge,

30 minutes to Old Street, Bow Road, Barbican, Moorgate underground stations.

Access By Bus

The bus stop for the No. 135 bus is around the corner from the personal training studio. This bus reaches Canary Wharf in 15 minutes.

London Public Bike Points

Also there are 3 London public bicycle points nearby.

Access By Car

Although the Whitechapel / Aldgate personal training studio sits on the eastern edge of London city, it is easily accessible by car via A13 road from further East London (also, just outside of Greater East London) areas: Docklands, Beckton, Canning Town, East Ham, Dagenham, Grays etc.

East London Personal Training Free Consultation

1. During your free consultation Rolandas will explain to you what results you can achieve and how quickly you can reach your goals.

2. If you feel that you are a good match with Rolandas, then you can buy a block of 10 personal training sessions which is £500.

3. When this first block of sessions finishes, then you can buy another one. Rolandas will set your personal training frequency to suit your budget.

Outdoors Personal Training In East London

Personal training outdoors is available at Bethnal Green park or around Shadwell Basin near the Aldgate, Whitechapel personal training studio.

Personal Training East London Bethnal GreenEast London Personal Trainer Shadwell

Personal Training At Your Place

It is also possible to arrange personal training sessions at your own home, office or park in all locations within London. Get in contact with Rolandas’PT4U, East London personal trainer Rolandas, for further information.

East London Bodybuilding Gym History

East London is famous for its bodybuilding traditions. There is a lot of motivation for your training to take from the sentimental but glorious past, history of bodybuilding. Gyms used to be different back in the day – adopted for hardcore weight training, competitive but friendly environment and no tolerance to laziness. Trainers had decades of experience and depth of knowledge equal to encyclopedia. Nobody classified trainers to gym instructors or personal trainers, or whatever other second class trainers. You had to have folks’ respect to tell them what to do and you would earn it not with a two month personal trainer course.

Personal Training Gym East London

A blur image from the past: personal trainer Rolandas posing with “Arnie”, the statue, at the legendary Bennet’s East London bodybuilding gym

One of the leading East London gyms since World War II – Wag Bennett’s gym in Forrest Gate (East London) – was the place to train. Local bodybuilding enthusiasts were joining the gym from all over East London: Forrest Gate, Stratford, Bow, Stepney, Mile End, Aldgate, Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Liverpool Street, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Hackney, Old Street, Islington, Barbican, Moorgate, Southwark, Wapping, Shadwell, Limehouse etc. – as well as the whole list of the brightest bodybuilding stars (immortal legends by now) have trained there at some point of their bodybuilder careers.

In 1966-1968, 20 year old youngster named Arnold Schwarzenegger has been preparing there for his first 2 Mr Olympia titles. Just to name a few more – Sergio Olivia, Wilfred Sylvester, Serge Nubret, Mike Williams etc.

Rolandas himself has had the honour to spend 2 years training in this history packed, legendary East London gym. In fact, your personal trainer Rolandas has become the Champion of the NPA (Natural Physique Association) 2011 tournament – (NPA Mike Williams Classic) named after the fellow ex-gym user Mike Williams…

Time is irreversible. Commercial gyms are taking over organic old school gyms – the famous Wag Bennett’s gym has been shut since a few years ago, but not without leaving loyal trainees to carry on the bodybuilding training tradition in East London.

Some Other Famous Sports People From East London

There are lots of interesting personalities who hail from East London. Here are a few, but we’ll be adding to this list again very soon ….

Jack “Kid” Berg also known as Jackie Kid Berg (born Judah Bergman)


Born 28th June 1909 – Died 22nd April 1991

Lightweight, Light welterweight, Welterweight Division

This famous East London boxer was born in Romford Street, close to Cable Street, Stepney. He fought a total of 192 professional fights, between 1923 in 1936. Jack “Kid” Berg one 157 of the 192 professional fights. 57 of his wins were by knockout. He began his boxing career age 14, wearing a Star of David on his trunks, in Premierland in Back Church Lane.

The life of the handsome boxer is covered in the book the Whitechapel Windmill. The book features his professional rise in the world of boxing, as well is his colourful flamboyant life out of the ring. It is said that the boxer had an affair with Mae West.


Ashley Cole


Born 20th December 1980

Cole was born in Stepney, East London, and he began his football youth career at Arsenal. In November 1999, he made his full debut for Arsenal. Some consider him to be the best left back in the world, and other professional footballers and critics see as one of the best defenders of his footballing generation.

In 2006 Cole moved to rival club Chelsea, and currently he is the footballer was one of the FA Cup more than any other player in history to date. In 2010 Cole was voted England’s player of the year. He retired in 2014 from international football, with 107 caps for his country. This today should makes him the most capped English full-back in history.


Lloyd Doyley


Born 1st December 1982

Born in Whitechapel, Lloyd Doyley, is a Watford Academy graduate. He is a defender who mainly plays in the position of right back, but also plays in left back and centre back sometimes. His contract it to Watford until 2015.

The Jamaican football Federation were keeping an eye on his progress, and he got his first call-up, in March 2013, to the National Jamaican team.