Compact Home Gyms

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Guide to Installing Compact Home Gyms

home gymHitting a gym may not be convenient always but that should not deter you from exercising to stay fit. Moreover, in the current situation where one fears contracting COVID 19 in public spaces, creating your mini-gym at home sounds like a sensible idea.

The only challenge is to make space for the machines. Usually, equipment used in the gym occupies the extensive surface area, and with smaller apartments, having a workout station at home could appear to be quite challenging.

Want to set up a gym at home? This guide on creating the best compact home gym can enable you to create an indoor fitness center without much hassle. There are several workout machines available in the market but choosing the right ones could become a tedious task. These tips could help you arrive at a comprehensive decision on installing equipment based on your requirement.

Note that only appropriate equipment can enable the efficacy of the time and effort you put into achieving a fit body.

What is a home gym?

For our readers new to the concept of home gyms, let’s enumerate the concept. A home gym refers to a compact unit of exercise machines set up indoors to enable you to perform as many exercises at your home.

You can have one room or an area of your house dedicated to your workout needs. Most people use a spare room in the house, the garage, or the basement to install the gym equipment.

Machines and their advantages are endless but in a limited space the real challenge is to decide on installing the right equipment you would need. Before you head out in the market, considering the tips mentioned in the guide could help you select the appropriate equipment.

Among the most popular home gym designs, most include the following

– An adjustable reclining or sitting bench

– Dumbbells or other stacked metal weights

– Pulldown bars to work out the back

– Press bars that enable pushing and pulling to tone arms, shoulders and back

– Leg extension system. This can help you exercise the thigh muscles

– Leg curl system that enables workout of the hamstrings. Check out these no equipment hamstring exercises at

– Cable row machines (seated) that allow the coordinated exercise of the back and arms.

– A treadmill is also a popular choice

installing home gym

A jump rope is multi-functional and befits any budget. This simple jump rope works brilliantly in improving coordination. You could use it to suit your needs by doing it either for long or for a short duration. This is also great warm-up equipment and enhances stamina as well as endurance. It’s cheap and easily available. Preferably pick the PVC ropes as these offer more versatility.

There is a plethora of options for creating a home gym. You can make a choice based on the kind of exercise you want to engage in. Treadmills, stationary bikes, and rowers are viable options. Strength boosting is one of the basic things people aspire to achieve through exercise. Here are a few examples of endurance building equipment that you could consider including in your indoor fitness center.

– A collection of portable equipment such as exercise ball, mats, steps, dumbbells, ab workers, bands are basic ones for your home-gym. To this, you could add power racks for barbells holding adjustable benches and plates to step up training.

– The flexing bands work great if you want to build on resistance and these can be conveniently stored. You can choose cords or bands made of steel.

– Benches of adjustable height are also resistance builders. You can go for the inclined bench or sliding bench that focuses on managing your body weight to grow your resistance.

– The stacked weights on cable and pulley allow the selection of suitable weight by adjusting the flexible peg.

– Free weight plates fitted to barbell extensions. Alternatively, you can invest in a system that coerces the bar in an upright position unlike the likes of racks and free-weight benches.

Being sure of your commitments and requirement can help you plan better on the type of gym you would like to set up at home. If you are a beginner, difficult exercises could be demotivating in the initial stages. Hence, light exercises such as simple weight training and muscle toning would make a preferable choice.

You can start little aerobic steps and combine them with multiple sets of dumbbells. For your squats, lunges, side lifts, and overhead ones, you can opt for an exercise mat, adjustable bench, and a fitness ball. Flat benches are good for box squats, jumps, split squats, and rows as well. If you want variation, resistance bands and tubes could improve your flexibility.

Coming to the next level of fitness training, you can consider a full set of dumbbells, kettlebells, plates, and barbells. An exercise bench and barbell racks are great for focusing on muscle development, strength training, and overall fitness. As you advance further, you could consider heavy-duty equipment or continue using free weights.

Remember a warm-up is essential before you start on your exercises. You can try out dynamic stretching before beginning. Simple arm-stretching in a circular motion, walking lunges, etc. can aid in warming up. Once you are ready, you can focus on a single workout type at a time. Alternatively, pick one area of your body to focus on. Do multiple repetitions in sets.

Most importantly allow yourself the time to cool down. You could choose light static stretches such as touching your toes or butterfly ones to bring back your body to its pre-workout temperature. Here’s some useful information on why you should consider cooling down the post-exercise session.

Advantages of a home gym

Any form of exercise is a step towards the overall wellness of the body and mind. In today’s fast-paced time, at least some form of workout is becoming necessary for people. Whether it is your strength, stamina, or general health you want to work towards, a gym in your house can be beneficial in many ways.

– A fitness center at home can be a profitable investment in the long run. Yes, the upfront cost might look much but this one-time cost can get your free hours of a workout without worrying about renewing any gym membership.

– You can’t deny the ease of access. Your gym is right there. No matter what the weather outside, you can just sweat it out anytime.

Your home is your personal space; nobody would come to see what you wear to your gym. Try out any exercise pose you want to achieve your health goals; it’s your home after all!