Combating Dad Bod

3 Oct No Comments Cooper Klein Fitness

Weight Loss Tips to Combat the Dad Bod

personal trainer onlineAh, the dreaded dad bod. Not limited to dads and grandpas only, you know, younger folk can “suffer” from it as well. No matter which age group you fall into, the dad bod is not exactly the pinnacle of male aesthetics, nor is it that functional, powerful, or strong. In fact, your dad bod is doing your overall health and well-being more harm than good, so even if you’re not overly concerned about your appearance, there are plenty of other reasons to finally kick-start your fitness journey.

Fortunately for you, it’s kind of a package deal – when you exercise properly and eat to lose weight, you’re going to sculpt an enviable physique to go along with your newly-found physical strength, speed, and endurance. With that in mind, here are your essential weight loss tips that will transform that dad bod into a superhero physique.

Pack on some muscle

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? The prevailing belief around the industry that the key to losing the dad bod is to focus on exhaustive cardio workouts in order to burn fat and tone your muscles. First, cardio won’t help you burn fat that much, but it will help you improve your endurance. Second, there’s no such thing as muscle toning – you either grow your muscles, or you don’t.

The problem with having a dad bod is not that you have too much fat, it’s that you have too little muscle mass on your frame. This is exactly why your no.1 priority should be to pack on muscle first and worry about fat later. With a bigger frame, the fat you do have will disperse more evenly, but it will also start to disappear due to the fat-burning effects of weight training.

Supplement with cardio

Cardio is not essential for weight loss, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate it into your weekly routine. In fact, by balancing aerobic and anaerobic training properly, you can rev up your metabolism, preserve the health of your muscles throughout three years, and boost your endurance to create a fitter, better-performing body.

Cardio sessions can be dynamic and fun, and you can always supplement your workouts with HIIT cardio for that increased fat-burning effect, but you can also stick to steady-state cardio if that’s your preference. Just note that steady-state cardio takes more time to achieve the same results as you would with HIIT. However, it can take less of a toll on your central nervous system, muscle tissue, and recovery rate – so balance your cardio sessions accordingly.

Nail your nutritional needs

Nutrition is the cornerstone of weight loss. Without a calculated approach to dieting, you will either lose too much weight too fast and ruin your physique completely, or you will not lose any weight at all. There is no option number three, so it’s imperative that you calculate your daily caloric needs and distribute them into their respective macronutrients.

Proteins, fats, and carbs aside, there is also a need to address another major issue – your daily water intake. Proper water intake is essential for anyone trying to lose fat, maintain top performance, and build a strong body, so consider having quality drink bottles at your side during your workouts and all throughout the day. This will help you get enough fresh aqua in to rev up your metabolism, regulate your hunger, and bring your A-game to every workout session.

Supplement with vitamins and minerals

When it comes to staying injury-free throughout your fitness journey and life in general, macronutrients will have a big part to play. Yet, not many people devote the time or attention to consuming the right number of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis to produce the needed health benefits, let alone take their weight loss game to the next level.

Even if you did try to eat a whole lot of veggies, healthy nuts and seeds, and fruits hailing from all ends of the color spectrum, you probably wouldn’t be able to consume enough on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that every mineral and vitamin is metabolized in a certain way, and more often than not, the bioavailability of these micronutrients is very low.

This means that most of the stuff is excreted when it leaves the liver, which begs the need for adequate supplementation. Fortunately, your body can’t distinguish between natural and artificial micronutrients, so instead of trying to build your diet around them, just pop a couple of pills in the morning and you’re good to go!

Build a healthy sleeping habit

Last but not least, it’s important to understand that sleep (or the lack thereof) can have a profound impact on your long-term health and physique. Interestingly, a study in Finland on the effects of sleep on twins concluded that the twins who slept less or had irregular sleep cycles carried more visceral fat. This only supports the age-old claim that proper sleep really does safeguard a healthy body and mind, so it’s important that you tidy up your sleep cycle if you want to improve your weight loss and banish the dad bod for good.

Weight loss is not just about exercising more or eating less, it’s about combining the best-proven methods from all fields in a sound weight-loss strategy that will help you shed fat gradually while building lean muscle mass. To combat and defeat the dad bod, it will be essential that you introduce these habits into your lifestyle.


Bio: Cooper Klein is a cool dad from Sydney. He’s a regular contributor to several online magazines.