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Is Chicken, Beef, Or Fish The Best Bodybuilding Food?

Presently, there is a huge consciousness about having a wonderfully built body. While some engage in bodybuilding for the sake of beauty and aesthetics, others do it because of the amazing health benefits. Whatever reasons you are engaging in bodybuilding for, some types of foods and supplements will be very instrumental in achieving what you’re set out to do. Because of this, there is a very serious debate about the one that stands as the best bodybuilding food between fish, beef and chicken.

Now, in trying to build lean muscle and also achieve total recovery during bodybuilding, the benefits of protein cannot be overemphasized. The fact that protein makes people feel full, thereby ensuring fat loss is also not a new discovery. Some of the excellent forms of protein that contain no carbs are found in chicken, beef and fish. To achieve a perfect muscle protein synthesis, every muscle builder must plan their meals in order to optimize their level of protein intake, and the aforementioned are the best for this. However, among these three types of meat, we are looking at the one that makes for the perfect recipe for bodybuilding, as it concerns the protein content.

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Among the meats that enhance the quantity of protein in the body, chicken meat is the most popular and most consumed. When you go for the chicken beats, you will have a very lean source of protein in your hands. The fact that it is very easy to prepare also makes it a preferred option. To store chicken meat is very easy because it can be frozen. This makes it possible for it to be prepared ahead of time. In chicken, you will have the entire amino acids. This makes it the most preferred by fitness lovers. It also contains some amount of magnesium and vitamin B6, with very low amounts of cholesterol. However, on the downside, chicken skin has a lot of fat in it, and the entire chicken meat also contains huge amounts of iron.

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When it comes to fish, you will have one of the healthiest sources of protein ever. There is no gainsaying that a majority of athletes and bodybuilders see this as the perfect source of protein. Take for instance the Fattier fish which is a cold water type. In it, you will have a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids. There is also the Wild fish which normally contains more fat than Salmon and other types produced in the farms. Vitamins B6 and B12, plus selenium and iodine are some other useful nutrients gained from fish meals. Now, one downside is that, while these are rich in healthy fats, more fats will mean more cholesterol. Another aspect is that majority of the fishes around will come with some amount of toxins like mercury. Small plants and animals with mercury are eaten up by the fishes and the mercury accumulates in their tissues. This, however, is prevalent in the bigger and longer living fishes, as they eat up the smaller ones and accumulate their mercury content too. Tuna has more mercury content and Salmon has less.

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Amongst the three options, beef contains more fat than the others. However, this will depend on the feeding routine of the cow and what the cow was fed with. Those fed with grass will come with less fat than those fed with grain. In those fed with grass, you will have more omega -3 content. This will also ensure low risk of coronary heart disease and a reduced cholesterol level. Beef also contains iron, which is good for metabolism and also enhances the production of red blood cells and haemoglobin. The advice is that you should go for about sirloin-tip-side steak to make it lean enough. Beef parts like rib-eye should not be enjoyed, as it has a huge fat content.


A look at the three types will seem to present chicken and fish as the best sources of protein for bodybuilders. However, none is better than the other on a general scale. Variety is still very essential here. But on individual notes, beef will be better for bulking purposes. This is because of the calorie and fat content, especially creatine. Fish and chicken are better for weight loss because they are leaner protein sources. So, it’s possible to say that none stands tall above the others as the very best for all bodybuilders. At different stages and for different types of exercise, one may come handier. That is what should inform the one you choose and the one you leave out at any point in time. Overall, a combination of the trio will give you what you crave for.

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