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5 Tips to Lose Weight with CBD Oil

When you hear of Marijuana, what usually comes to your mind? Perhaps your red-eyed friend lazing around on the sofa watching SpongeBob with a messy table full of everything! Probably you remember the near-encounter with cops with a bag of weed in your bag pack that made you swear never to risk it again – assuming you even care! Well, you’ve probably used it on various encounters to bring that good-feeling that sets the laughter rolling – everybody has after all. What you don’t usually come by is using the hemp plant to get a smashing figure.

We would love to build up your hopes and even recommend a trusted CBD oil online shop like CBD Centrals to you for your daily needs. Nonetheless, we only aim at giving you a most educated analysis of the diverse CBD oil benefits and the likelihood of it leading to weight loss. Since we won’t feed you with false hopes, read on to find out if CBD oil is the way for you. What misconceptions or funny facts have you held on about CBD oil and the hemp plant? Leave your comment in the comment section below and check out the craziest answers ever.

Breaking Down CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring Phytocannabinoid in the green plant. It is considered to be non-psychoactive, and you shouldn’t use it if your primary intention is to get high! That’s stupid and way too expensive. When introduced to the body, it primarily interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) thus stimulating cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. This, in turn, affects normal processes including appetite, sleep, digestion, moods, memory, pain perception and metabolism in general. The downside is that it will affect different persons differently, and thus it isn’t accurate to measure your success with another person’s.

Enough with the science stuff already! How am I supposed to lose weight on CBD oil and tell me how to buy CBD oil online! Alrighty, don’t get so impatient already


1. First Things First

Know that Eastern Proverb that goes something like – you cannot climb a tree from the top? Well, it’s pretty much the same here. It’s crucial to understand that CBD oil for sale may have numerous side effects on you. Alternatively, it might not bring about the desired results and thus leave you in a hopeless and helpless state with you cursing at other bloggers and friends (not us) for building up all these hopes in you.

It is firstly important to consult your doctor before getting into this medication. It is especially helpful if you have been prescribed other medications as it might react negatively to those drugs. Your MD is also in the best position to give you a clear analysis of your metabolism, thus offer a sensible dosage to start upon. Since we don’t want you suing us, make sure hemp’s good for you. At least you can sue your doctor if things go haywire for you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that CBD oil drops will heal your obesity (if you are obese). Keep reading to know why.

2. Understand the Mechanism

Here, we are again bringing up all the boring science stuff. Well, we’ll make it just a tiny bit interesting. Recall the CB2 receptors? Did you know these are found in your immune cells? Well, of course, you did – you are the science geek after all. Once the reaction has begun with cannabidiol, you are likely to experience less appetite. You probably think this is highly unlikely since you used to finish a week’s supply of food back when you were vaping Marijuana in a single day.

It’s quite different from CBD oil. Remember, the THC component that usually takes you to the clouds filled with hunger has been taken out. Since it suppresses appetite, it might eventually lead to weight loss.

If that was not enough, it is also seen to promote the production of brown fat. Just know this: white fat = bad fats; brown fat = desirable fat. Brown fat leads to calorie expenditure and produces heat for breaking down the undesirable white fat. See, you’d want to go brown!

3. It’s an Inclining Slope

Baby steps! Moderation is the key here. You don’t want to unleash the grenade before you have tasted the bullets, do you? You probably do it!

Take your CBD oil capsules or whatever form in moderation. Then, you can slowly increase your dosage depending on the reaction to your metabolic rate. The goal is to increase metabolism and have your fat burning at a faster rate. Don’t get tired way too quickly, and remember what works for Joe will not necessarily work for John.

4. Method of Intake

Different consumption methods may take different times to manifest their effects. Other than CBD oil pills, which might take around 2-3 hours for the effects to be felt, you can also get yourself the liquid dropper, which places the drops just beneath your tongue. It allows quicker entry into the bloodstream.

The quickest method to get the medication into your bloodstreams is through CBD oil for vaping, which is not only bio-effective; it is also way cooler than all the rest. Just be careful not to get carried away and overdose.

5. Be Focused on the Main Issue

Have you ever tried taking a pain reliever to help you sleep? Or a supplement to help you cure a disease! Well, this might have worked for you in the past, but it’s never advisable. You might want to get into using this hemp product hoping to cover a myriad of challenges. It’s the 21st-Century honey. Marketing is real.

Don’t get easily carried away by the numerous advertisers promising to cure cancer or even HIV using hemp products. You might try to address anxiety issues or lack of sleep and end up increasing the symptoms. Whereas CBD oil for pain might work for you, our advice would be to focus on the issue at hand to avoid misusing the product.


Conclusion: Before we bid you farewell, we’d like to ensure you are fully sorted out. After all, we are here for you. Since the main focus here is to cut on body fat, let no one deceive you that all you need is a dose of the miraculous liquid. Starting on a healthy diet and engaging in regular practice and workout sessions will take you a long way through your journey. Make sure you source out your products from the best names in the industry albeit expensive, and these should be certified and approved by a 3rd-party lab. It is the only way to be sure that what you’ll be medicating on is what’s written on the label.


Richard Browny is an experienced hemp nutritionist with his own company of top-notch CBD products. Together with other CBD enthusiasts, he has developed recipes for the past 6yrs aimed at not only maximizing the benefits of hemp but also promoting the ignored health gains. Check out more on his website.