Thyroid Physiology Fundamentals

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Fundamentals Of Thyroid Physiology Today we will learn the basics of thyroid function. This will allow us to better understand why we are ill and where does this low or high TSH come from? I invite you to read the article! At the beginning – what is thyroid? Thyroid is

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Easy Healthy Lifestyle

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Simple Ways to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle Nowadays, magazines, blogs, TV shows, and the Internet gurus are preaching about lifestyle improvement. It’s hardly a new thing, but recently, with overwork stress and the speeding up of our everyday lives, this talk has gained momentum. And there are so many pieces

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Burn Fat Faster

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Strategies to burn fat faster The media has put this idea in our heads as to how we are supposed to look like. Everyone wants that figure that is on the telly or in the magazine. Achieving this makes one feel like they have made it in life, I guess.

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Longevity Mindset

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It’s All In Your Mind: How To Adopt A Longevity Mindset Human society is living very fast lives these days, with technology and stress taking priority over everything else. While your longevity mostly depends on your genes and the overall healthiness of the life you lead – there are also

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Protein Powder Recipes 4 U

3 Jul 1 Comment Rolandas Uncategorised

Protein Powder Recipes There are some great ways of incorporating protein powder into your recipes … Below are some of our favorite entries – from Sunday morning pancakes to healthy lunchtime snacks: Power Mocha Smoothie: Ingredients: 1/2 cup ‘lite’ soymilk 2 scoops Protein – Chocolate 1/2 cup prepared coffee 3

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Personal Training Benefits

6 Feb 5 Comments Jane Uncategorised

How Personal Trainers Can Reduce Injuries and Increase Fitness Summer weather is just around the corner, along with swimsuits, sundresses, tank tops, and a strong desire to lose weight, increase fitness levels, and hit the gym. So many people make their New Year resolution to go back to the gym

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Fat & Fit??? The Real Components Of Fitness

3 Sep 1 Comment Rolandas Uncategorised

Fit – but fat in fact… The phenomenon that is common in the UK … Here’s the scenario … a person is proudly boasting to his/her mates how fit he/she is – has run a marathon, cycles an hour every day, regularly goes to the gym on lunch times… Something is not

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Knowledge Vs Excessive Efforts

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Consistency plays a huge role in getting and especially maintaining a muscular and lean physique. In order to stay consistent you have to know what actions result in the body you want. Wouldn’t it be easier to stick to something tidily structured and calculated rather than random and chaotic?  

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Muscle Length & Strength Correlation

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Many people who do weight training find themselves stronger or weaker at some particular exercises. It can get frustrating after a while, when a lot of effort and emphasis on the lagging movement is spared but the difference still exists. Among others, one of important strength factors is muscle length.

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Natural Bodybuilding For Regular People

3 Sep 2 Comments Rolandas Uncategorised

Natural bodybuilding (find out about the importance of the natural bit, here) is the sport to build lean, proportional, symmetric and esthetic muscle and cut down body fat – essentially everything to have a perfect physique. There is no other sport that has physique development as the prime and the only objective.

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