Healthy Typing Posture

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Healthy Body Position For Typing If for any reason you spend more than 3 hours of your day on your desktop, then this is the right article for you. If you spend so much time on your machine and don’t follow the steps below, you will have some pains. However,

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Health Benefits Of Kissing

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Health Benefits of Kissing Sometimes we might not be aware that certain things we engage in when we are emotionally involved with someone can be healthy for us. Lovers engage in numerous activities to express their love for each during the course of their relationship. But many people are very

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Longevity Mindset

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It’s All In Your Mind: How To Adopt A Longevity Mindset Human society is living very fast lives these days, with technology and stress taking priority over everything else. While your longevity mostly depends on your genes and the overall healthiness of the life you lead – there are also

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Combating Dad Bod

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Weight Loss Tips to Combat the Dad Bod   Ah, the dreaded dad bod. Not limited to dads and grandpas only, you know, younger folk can “suffer” from it as well. No matter which age group you fall into, the dad bod is not exactly the pinnacle of male aesthetics,

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Keto Friendly Fast Food

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Fast Food Meals You Won’t Believe Are Keto-Friendly Fast food that’s healthy while also being keto-friendly? However contradictory that may sound, eating at fast food places while also maintaining good health and staying in ketosis is possible. Most restaurants these days cater to their health-conscious customers and even allow meal

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Skipping In Your Workout

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Incorporating Skipping Into Your Workout Did you know that the energy expended when skipping for 10 minutes is the equivalent of running a mile in eight minutes? This is probably news to you. But jumping rope is one of the most intense forms of exercise there is; according to the

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Importance Of Training Gear

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The Importance of Good Quality Outfits During Bodybuilding And Other Workouts Working out and having a good regimen is definitely a prerequisite for a great body and healthy life. However, many people fail to see how important it is to work out in good, comfortable clothes. That’s usually the difference

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Why Do We Have Hiccup?

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Allow the writer to say, there is nothing more annoying than hiccups. They occur so suddenly and so unexpectedly. One minute everything is okay, you are chilled enjoying an us online casino game and the next you are almost out of your chair because of hiccups.  They are so frustrating.

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Goodness In Potatoes

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Healthy Potatoes Potatoes have become a part of every meal. This is not only because of their high nutritional value but also because of their great taste too. To add to all that, they can be cooked in many ways including baking, slicing, mashing, frying, boiling. As a result, they

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Protein Powder Recipes 4 U

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Protein Powder Recipes There are some great ways of incorporating protein powder into your recipes … Below are some of our favorite entries – from Sunday morning pancakes to healthy lunchtime snacks: Power Mocha Smoothie: Ingredients: 1/2 cup ‘lite’ soymilk 2 scoops Protein – Chocolate 1/2 cup prepared coffee 3

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