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21 May 3 Comments Guest Blogger Personal Training

personal training knowledgeWhat are the different career paths for a personal trainer

Doing a personal training course doesn’t limit you to only being a personal trainer. There are many, many other career paths that you can follow – with perhaps a small additional qualification – when you have a personal training qualification as your base training. Here are some of them.

Personal trainer

The obvious career path that you can follow with a personal training qualification is becoming a personal trainer. Going down this road will give you the knowledge of how to condition people’s bodies and also to advise them on how they should be eating to complement their training routines.

Kettlebell instructor

Kettlebells are very popular because of their amped-up calorie-burning capabilities and the short amount of time you’re able to dedicate to an effective kettlebell workout. These types of workouts are great as they provide a strength-training workout in addition to a cardiovascular one.

Many personal trainers are incorporating kettlebells into their clients’ fitness routines to provide some variety while – at the same time – supercharging their workouts! So, when you’re looking around for a fitness college  to do your personal training qualification at, have a look to see if they offer an add-on kettlebell qualification.

Group fitness instructor

Many personal trainers also instruct group fitness classes. This they can do without any further training because they are already equipped with the basic knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to be able to lead and instruct the class effectively. In addition, because of their skills in fitness programme design they are able to plan an effective class that works all muscle groups well.

Bootcamp instructor

Many people like to exercise outdoors but still want the great workouts that they get at the gym. This has given rise to the phenomenon of bootcamps which incorporates the fast-paced nature of gym workouts with the added benefits that working out in nature brings, such as a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun. A lot of personal trainers vary their training sessions with their clients between outdoors and in the gym to allow the client some variety in their training. Some people love this idea but others prefer to stick to exercising in the gym.

Pilates instructor

First called Contrology, Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early part of the 20th century. It’s focus is on developing the core powerhouse of a person’s body and, through this, developing the other muscles of the body.

Pilates is a form of resistance exercise but instead of using external weights as this resistance – for example such as free weights or weight machines – it makes use of simple pieces of equipment (such as the Theraband) and your  body weight to achieve the desired outcome. We’ve seen many personal trainers also qualifying as Pilates instructors in order to bring an added benefit to their clients.

Yoga teacher

In this hectic world of today, with everything being hyperconnected and us never getting the time to switch off completely, we need a space where we can go to centre our minds and keep them in tune with our bodies. This is where Yoga comes in.

One of the main teachings of Yoga is to be rooted to the earth. Yogis believe that the earth gives off vibrations and if we connect ourselves to vibrations we will become more in tune with what is important to us and will be able to block out all the ‘noise’ that we are subjected to on a daily basis.

The practice of Yoga is a good way of ensuring that you maintain your flexibility – which is one of the forms of fitness. This means that learning about Yoga – and the related poses – is a good way for personal trainers to help their clients maintain their flexibility levels as they will be able to incorporate certain poses into their sessions.

High End Coaching

Are you all set to delve a bit deep in with your clientele? Looking for something that could help you to work outside of a well established gym setting or bcome expert in the psychology and mindset of fitness? If it is a yes, high end coaching could be an excellent choice for you. It is pretty much similar to personal training and the only difference is that you get outstanding body transformation and mind for your clients. Changing body composition of your client is part of your job, in this changing their mindset is also involved so that they can flourish and prosper in other aspects of their life. And, it sets you apart from personal training service.

High end coaching simply makes you your own boss. You check out and finalize rates and scheduling. Also, you have the flexibility to choose the clients you wish to work with. You can work full time or part time, as per the choice. It requires strong networking skills, client service and satisfaction, psychology training, nutritional training, high energy, interesting and dynamic workouts.

Clinical Setting Work

Are you keen into knowing more about the anatomy of the body? Do you get fascinated by the terms, athletic performance, injury prevention or patient rehabilitation? If yes, you can excel into specialized fields including injury rehabilitation, fitness specialist, athletic trainer, clinical trainer, physical therapist, sports medicine, etc.


Similar to other fields, consulting plays a significant part within the athletic and fitness industry. If you are a successful personal trainer, might be you would like to expand your knowledge and expertise to others. Do consider freelance consultation and the consulting could be done in different ways like teaching in gyms, private one on one coaching, devising training programs, mentoring or helping other personal trainers, etc.

Gym or Club Manager

Are you finding for something stable with consistent salary, perks and benefits? Do you feel interested in expanding your business administration skills or customer service? Do you wish to mentor and have a look at other employees as well? The personal trainers are supposed to be creative, ground, people’s person, disciplined. And these skills could actually help them to become successful managers. So, in case you want to, management could be one of the opportunities for you. There are so many clubs, gyms and health clubs that look for the higher management staff internally. Though, each one of them has variations in terms of roles and responsibilities, so become familiar with them and if being the boss sounds perfect to you, then it should be the case.

Planning a career path in personal training? There are many different career paths open to someone who’s done a personal training qualification. You just need to choose which one is right for you! This is true that the options for personal trainers are limitless and career advancement is always possible and at choice when it comes to that. If opportunities are in fact not available, personal training qualification can really open up the paths and make them available. It is highly needed that your job and work should inspire you, keep you productive and enable look forward to every day work.