Calisthenics Training

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What you need to know about calisthenics training

If you don’t have the money to get a gym subscription or can’t build your own at home because you don’t want to spend a fortune on exercise equipment, calisthenics might be the right solution to all of your problems. One of the core advantages offered by this type of exercise is that it doesn’t require you to use any sort of weights or other equipment. Your own body weight is the equipment.

calisthenics training londonThe theory on which the workout is based consists of a series of repetitive exercises that can help you increase your strength and your flexibility, and of course, burn some fat. Some say that calisthenics is one of the few methods that can be utilized to build muscle mass even though there are no weights employed in the process. Unfortunately, something that has to be added in relation to calisthenics is that requires a good deal of commitment as one has to perform those exercises several times a day.

When it comes to increasing your resistance the only weight that you will rely on is the one of your body. That’s why most calisthenics aficionados do a lot of push up and chin ups. Another benefit of this type of workout is that it doesn’t pose any risk with regards to inflicting any trauma on your muscles, as opposed to weight training. Plus, because most of the exercises involved in the training are simple and rather common, even beginners can increase their resistance with ease.

We won’t even tackle the matter of weight loss because it is clear that exercising several times a day, whether you do it with or without weights can lead to this purpose being reached. Calisthenics starts by stimulating your muscles, so you might not see a significant weight loss at the beginning of your training. However, with every day that goes by, you will notice a difference in terms of flexibility and muscle mass and if you use a weighing scale, you’ll have the nice surprise of realizing that your body fat percentage has dropped considerably.

There are many tips and pieces of advice that you can find online and that can assist you in perfecting your training routine. School of Calisthenics is one of the most reliable resources that we have come across as the website is jam-packed with useful info for beginners and people who are considering taking up this type of training. Some of the coaches that share their expertise on this website will tell you that it is important to remain safe all throughout your workout. Any injury that you might suffer from today can have a negative repercussion on the way you can perform tomorrow. The last thing you’d want to do is test out all of your limits right off the bat and then abandon the ship.

The only real piece of equipment that you will require for this kind of training is a pair of quality calisthenics gloves. They have to be durable because you’re going to use the weight of your body. Most of the models that are sought after nowadays are made from fabrics such as nylon, leather, and neoprene, some of which can be combined so as to offer the advantages of not just one material.

Several breathable compartments should also be available in the sense that you wouldn’t want your sweat to affect your performance. Plus, nobody likes to wear gloves when their hands are sweaty. Both cushioning and support have to be given some thought to because the whole point of your calisthenics gloves is to protect you from blisters and other mishaps.


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