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Super Trio – Squat, Bench Press & Dead Lift

3 Sep No Comments Rolandas Uncategorised

Super trio – squat, bench press and dead lift. Sounds like an introduction to a super heroes story – and it’s well deserved. The 3 exercises are used in power lifting – sport determining who’s the strongest. The trio represents the main, fundamental biomechanical movements – extending-standing up (squat), extending/pressing (bench

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Supplements Overration

3 Sep No Comments Rolandas Natural Bodybuilding London, nutrition

Due to aggressive and overloaded marketing sports supplements are becoming ever more popular amongst general population (those who acquire gym memberships and just start learning the “ABC” of training alphabet). Is it the right path though to focus on supplementation of your diet to achieve your results? What supplements what? The

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Weight Training Body Form

2 Sep No Comments Rolandas Bodybuilding & Weight Training

Understanding human body movement – physiology – is the key in lifting heavy weights. Skeleton and muscles make a lever system that works together – the lever system (human body) has a rigid rod (bones), a pivot point (joints) and force applied (muscles). This biological mechanism is designed to move

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What Trainer Is A Good Personal Trainer?

2 Sep 2 Comments Rolandas Uncategorised

There is a zillion personal trainers in London. Due to high numbers in quantity inevitably the question of quality has to be raised. Most personal trainers are offering a typical personal training, coming from a very common background with the same/similar qualifications or the opposite – personal trainers might have

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You Are – What You Eat

2 Sep No Comments Rolandas nutrition

Most people have totally wrong attitude towards food. Crazy-busy modern society lifestyle creates perfect conditions for self destructive, bad eating habits to form. For the majority food has become a way to relax after work and decrease stress levels. Unfortunately, the overloaded present day lifestyle doesn’t change the fact that

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Anabolic Cardio

24 Jul No Comments Rolandas Fitness, Natural Bodybuilding London

One of the most popular topics in many gyms – what type of training or training method is the best? The discussion is always open and gets escalated over and over again. The reason nobody can get a consensus – there is no one best way of training. Almost every

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A View On Personal Training

24 Jul No Comments Rolandas Personal Training

Fake, is the word for present day big chains of fitness centers and many personal trainers. There are posters, online pictures, flyers all over the place with big cheesy smiles, fancy fitness gear and shiny 2kg dumbbells… “Elite”, “Best in London”… How many serious faces with sweat pouring down and

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Benefits Of Weight Training

24 Jul No Comments Rolandas Bodybuilding & Weight Training

Weight training and resistance training overall is often underrated by the current fitness industry and many UK fitness enthusiasts. Sure, everyone knows that to get stronger, bigger you have to do weight/resistance training but in fact there’s the whole lot more that weight training has to offer. Here’s what happens

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