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Fat & Fit??? The Real Components Of Fitness

3 Sep 1 Comment Rolandas Uncategorised

Fit – but fat in fact… The phenomenon that is common in the UK … Here’s the scenario … a person is proudly boasting to his/her mates how fit he/she is – has run a marathon, cycles an hour every day, regularly goes to the gym on lunch times… Something is not

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Female Personal Training Myths

3 Sep No Comments Rolandas Female Personal Training, Personal Training

Frustrated With Yo-Yo Dieting & Fitness Regimes That Don’t Get Results? Discover These 5 Female Training Myths Now Female gym training for physique changes (weight loss and/or tone up) has all sort of special features. Females don’t need muscles, they lose fat from spot areas, weight training makes them huge,

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Genetics Influence

3 Sep 2 Comments Rolandas Personal Training

Does Genetics Influence Your Physique? It’s genetics this, genetics that – people like to use their “big bones” as an excuse of having excessive fat, or write someone’s good physique off just down to a “fast metabolism” or “unfairly muscular built”. It’s very true – genetics do play a huge

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Knowledge Vs Excessive Efforts

3 Sep No Comments Rolandas Uncategorised

Consistency plays a huge role in getting and especially maintaining a muscular and lean physique. In order to stay consistent you have to know what actions result in the body you want. Wouldn’t it be easier to stick to something tidily structured and calculated rather than random and chaotic?  

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Lower Back Pain

3 Sep No Comments Rolandas Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain – together with obesity shares the number one spot in “popularity contest” for the most common self inflicted health problem in modern society. What is the cause of lower back pain “epidemics”? In most cases simple and short answer to the question is – wrong posture. Due

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