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Fat & Fit??? The Real Components Of Fitness

3 Sep 1 Comment Rolandas Uncategorised

Fit – but fat in fact… The phenomenon that is common in the UK … Here’s the scenario … a person is proudly boasting to his/her mates how fit he/she is – has run a marathon, cycles an hour every day, regularly goes to the gym on lunch times… Something is not

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Female Personal Training Myths

3 Sep No Comments Rolandas Female Personal Training, Personal Training

Frustrated With Yo-Yo Dieting & Fitness Regimes That Don’t Get Results? Discover These 5 Female Training Myths Now Female gym training for physique changes (weight loss and/or tone up) has all sort of special features. Females don’t need muscles, they lose fat from spot areas, weight training makes them huge,

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Genetics Influence

3 Sep 2 Comments Rolandas Personal Training

Does Genetics Influence Your Physique? It’s genetics this, genetics that – people like to use their “big bones” as an excuse of having excessive fat, or write someone’s good physique off just down to a “fast metabolism” or “unfairly muscular built”. It’s very true – genetics do play a huge

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