Benefits Of Extreme Sports

8 Aug 11 Comments Guest Blogger Fitness

Amazing Fitness and Health Benefits of Extreme Sports


east london personal trainerWe have all heard people raving about the utter thrill of extreme sports and adrenaline rushes that accompany them. These rewards have got people flocking to mountain slopes, skyscrapers, wild trails, and freezing waters.  But, what many overlook is the fact that extreme sports are not just for daredevils who are addicted to risk. The truth is that everyone can reap amazing fitness and health benefits from them. So, it does not come as a surprise that adventurous sports are gaining more traction than traditional outdoor activities. People want to get out of the same old routine and experience something extraordinary.

Muscle building

It goes without saying that extreme activities are a far cry from your regular daily schedule. Most of them involve a wide array of unusual and strenuous movements that recruit different muscle groups. This is something that helps you build stronger muscles and works miracles for the overall level of fitness. Paddleboarding is perhaps the best proof one can find. It uses almost every major muscle group in the body and poses an exceptional full-body workout. On top of that, it improves stability and leg strength.

Mental stability

One of the main effects of extreme sports is related to the fact that you are pushed to the mental and physical limits. The changes for those who engage in such feats on a regular basis are profound. Namely, scientific studies have shown that the chemical makeup of the brain gets altered. In perilous situations, you simply must not lose your cool for a split second. You forge mental sturdiness that allows you to stay centered and calm. After that, real-life challenges seem much less scary as well.

Burning calories

Did you know that extreme sports are a quick lane to getting in shape? Not only do they demand an incredible level of physical preparedness, but they also empower your weight loss efforts. Skateboarding, for instance, is linked to calorie expenditure of 500 per hour. That may sound pretty good, but it is nothing compared to rock climbing. This sport is the king in this department with 818 calories per hour.  Most other extreme sports torch fewer calories and should be used as supplementary instead of main weight loss programs.

Alleviating health problems

It may sound counterintuitive, but people who have chronic health issues should not shy away from extreme sports. Quite the contrary is the case. Disciplines such as paragliding are even recommended by physiotherapists as activities that mitigate the symptoms of arthritis and chronic pain.  On the other hand, rock climbing prevents chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. Finally, let us not forget CrossFit. This popular workout regime substantially enhances joint and aids those with limited mobility.

Busting stress

The adrenaline that kicks in during extreme escapades triggers increased release of endorphins and neurotransmitters like dopamine in our brain. These are the chemicals that create that sense of euphoria and excitement we adore so much. And rest assured that they are not just harbingers of some temporary relief. Regular exposure to extreme activities aids in dealing with stress in life and improving self-confidence. Nothing makes you forget about the tedious day at work like bungee jumping or snowboarding.

Improved cardiovascular health

Moving on, we come across great things extreme sports can do for your heart. For example, surfing is proven to boost cardiovascular health. After all, in order to stay on the board, one must possess impressive core strength. Other high-intensity sports offer similar benefits and also lower blood pressure. Even active vacations every now and then can reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack. These benefits are linked to lower stress and anxiety we already mentioned.

Other mental benefits

The list of mental gains goes on. Those who are ready to go extreme tend to have better concentration and achieve clarity of mind easier. They have a more positive outlook on life and make sound decisions under pressure. Furthermore, they show great observations skills and have long-term mental stability. Finally, we should mention that team-based extreme sports induce a sense of community. They enable people to work better with others and build stronger interpersonal relationships.

New fitness and health heights

Extreme sports offer a variety of benefits that are not to be missed. The beauty of it is that they are way more fun than regular fitness routines. So, whether you want to conquer fear or sculpt your body, they give you the means of reaching your goals. What awaits you is a high level of physical exertion, plenty of feel-good chemicals in your brain, but grave danger as well. Therefore, brace yourself physically and mentally and take your pick from a long list of adventurous sports. It is time to build an active and healthy lifestyle and brave the extreme frontier.