Before Training In London – Think!

17 Nov No Comments Rolandas Personal Training

Training quality of average gym users (including clients of many personal trainers) in London raises my eyebrow

Majority of people who start their fitness training in London (I’m based here so I can’t speak of other geographical locations) have no clue how things work. That is not strange off course. For example, I am a personal training professional, I do not know much about fixing cars as I have never studied mechanics in any shape or form. Therefore, I do not try to fix a car engine by myself. If I did, the only outcome I could expect is damaging the car even more while wasting my time. Who would argue that human body is much more complicated than a car? Probably not many sane people would. Then how come we have fitness training gyms in London packed with people who want to make major changes to their physiques while having zero knowledge about human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics?

The situation I am talking about, allows an army of complete amateurs call themselves professional personal trainers, who claim they are experts at – you name it, they have it. If people do not know what they are buying, who is going to validate the “experts”? Is it REPs (registrar of exercise professionals), the very same institution that profits from every registered “professional”? Maybe, personal trainer courses providers (accredited by REPs) could raise the bar? Again, no profit from long, complicated studies and extensive practice in comparison to 3 months, few hours per week “knowledge express”. It is, what it is. If you do not want to be in a fool’s place – do your independent research. Car mechanics must do the job in order to get paid, personal trainers – do not. For months, you might be paying just for empty promises, sweet talk and a bright, fake smile. I am not saying that you have to become a real expert at training and dieting, but as an educated consumer, you should be able to tell the difference between chaff and gold. For your own benefit…

Ask questions about training and dieting in order to achieve the physique you want

Every move you do in a gym, every meal choice you make must have a reason. There cannot be any mystical believes, just sports science facts and their rational adaptation. Ask questions. You do the particular exercises. Why? You stick to the exact number of repetitions. Why? You rest between sets this period of time. Why? You focus on weight training and not cardio or the opposite. Why? You choose this training equipment. Why? The technique of an exercise is this. Why? You chose this training intensity and volume. Why? You train this often. Why? Carbs are bad or good for you. Why and when? Low carbs diets versus balanced diets. Why? You eat this often and that much. Why? You take or do not take sports supplements. Why? You progress at this pace. Why? You pay your personal trainer this much. Why? Your personal trainer is an expert at something. How come..?

Get the answers, be smart then you will achieve your desired results. You have to know what you are doing, don’t you. There cannot be no ifs, buts or maybes. If you do the right training and dieting – you will make it; if you do not – you will not! If you are around London and up for some quality personal training session and valid tips, give me a shout. 😉


Rolandas Malinauskas is online personal trainer with 12 years personal training experience in east London and decorated natural bodybuilder – Natural Physique Association (NPA) Mike Williams Classic 2011 Men’s Lightweight Champion, NPA Mike Williams Classic 2011 Men's Overall Vice-champion and NPA British Championship 2011 Men’s Lightweight Vice-champion. Rolandas has been dedicated to natural bodybuilding for over 18 years now. 3 out of 12 years of personal training career Rolandas has been consulting on one of the biggest schemes of Exercise on GP Referral in London (Islington), allowing him to treat lower back, knee pain, cardiovascular problems, arthritis etc.