Basic Fitness Beginner Mistakes

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Basic fitness beginner mistakes (how to avoid them)

Basic fitness beginner mistakesPeople have many reasons for working out: to build and tone up muscle, get rid of excess fat and lose weight, strengthen limbs or even get rock-hard abs. Whatever the goals are, are you achieving them? If not then you may be making basic fitness beginner mistakes that are preventing you from achieving your fitness goals.

We’ve listed some common mistakes people make when working out. Check if you’re guilty of them and if you are, we’ve laid out how you can fix them.

Not eating right.

If you want to lose weight by working out, you need to fuel up with the right kind of food. It’s a common mistake to think that fewer calories lead to optimal weight loss. Fitness experts believe that getting enough nutrients and being properly fueled is important if you want to get the most out of your workout.

Make sure you have an overall balanced diet so that you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help your body achieve optimum health and fitness results. As this is not an easy task to achieve on daily basis, food supplements can help. You don’t have to spend a lot on these too — there are many supplements you can buy online at a discount via coupon sites. Look for quality products and ingredients, not flashy, overpriced brand names.

Not setting realistic goals.

Many people join gyms at the start of the New Year to shed the excess weight, thinking they can lose all their flab in a couple of weeks (the same amount of time they spent gaining all of the weight over the holidays). If you set unrealistic goals like these, you will be quickly disappointed. Sit down to lay out a workout plan with attainable goals, such as being able to lift x number of pounds and jog 20 minutes for the first week, increasing the weight and cardio time for the next week, and so on.

Doing the same workout routine every day.

It’s easy to fall into a routine in our workouts, but it’s not going to be good if you want to see results. If you stick to the same routine for a couple months, your body will hit a plateau, and you’ll stop seeing improvements. This is because the more you do the same workout routine, the more your muscles adapt and get used to it. When it feels like your workout is starting to get “easier,” it means your body isn’t spending as much energy exerting itself, which also means you’re not burning as many calories as before.
The solution? Add intervals to your routines, mix things up. Vary the types of workouts, frequency, repetitions, and intensity. Add cardio to your strength training and vice versa, or step it up to the next level by lifting heavier weights or doing more reps.

Not getting enough rest.

Our bodies need a recovery period during which muscle cells regenerate. Overworking without giving your muscles time to repair and develop is a disservice to your body and increases the risk of injury and fatigue, so make sure you get some rest days between workouts and sleep well at night.


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