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Rolandas Malinauskas is online personal trainer with 12 years personal training experience in east London and decorated natural bodybuilder – Natural Physique Association (NPA) Mike Williams Classic 2011 Men’s Lightweight Champion, NPA Mike Williams Classic 2011 Men's Overall Vice-champion and NPA British Championship 2011 Men’s Lightweight Vice-champion. Rolandas has been dedicated to natural bodybuilding for over 18 years now. 3 out of 12 years of personal training career Rolandas has been consulting on one of the biggest schemes of Exercise on GP Referral in London (Islington), allowing him to treat lower back, knee pain, cardiovascular problems, arthritis etc.

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Physique Architecture

24 Feb No Comments Rolandas Natural Bodybuilding London, Useful Tips

In order to build solid, big, proportional and symmetrical physique you need to develop all muscle groups without any exceptions. However, specific genetics or training mistakes from the past may force you to pay extra attention to some particular body parts. Let’s see how each body area effects the looks

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Bodybuilder’s Physique Refinement

Achieving the powerful look of a bodybuilder’s physique, without performance enhancing drugs, requires compound movements weight training. Compound exercises allow you to lift relatively to you heavy weights, which raises your natural testosterone levels and does the most muscle damage (the prime stimulation of muscle hypertrophy). However, bodybuilding is more

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Gluten Free Hysteria

27 Nov No Comments Rolandas nutrition, Useful Tips

“Gluten free people” of the XXI century are much more concerned about their health and wellbeing than what “burger kings” used to be in the XX century. This is very positive, no doubt. However, unlike drinking in a pub, smoking cigarettes or eating at McDonald’s, healthy lifestyle has to be

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Before Training In London – Think!

17 Nov No Comments Rolandas Personal Training

Majority of people who start their fitness training in London (I’m based here so I can’t speak of other geographical locations) have no clue how things work. That is not strange off course. For example, I am a personal training professional, I do not know much about fixing cars as

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Fat & Fit??? The Real Components Of Fitness

3 Sep 1 Comment Rolandas Uncategorised

Fit – but fat in fact… The phenomenon that is common in the UK … Here’s the scenario … a person is proudly boasting to his/her mates how fit he/she is – has run a marathon, cycles an hour every day, regularly goes to the gym on lunch times… Something is not

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Female Personal Training Myths

3 Sep No Comments Rolandas Female Personal Training, Personal Training

Frustrated With Yo-Yo Dieting & Fitness Regimes That Don’t Get Results? Discover These 5 Female Training Myths Now Female gym training for physique changes (weight loss and/or tone up) has all sort of special features. Females don’t need muscles, they lose fat from spot areas, weight training makes them huge,

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Genetics Influence

3 Sep 2 Comments Rolandas Personal Training

Does Genetics Influence Your Physique? It’s genetics this, genetics that – people like to use their “big bones” as an excuse of having excessive fat, or write someone’s good physique off just down to a “fast metabolism” or “unfairly muscular built”. It’s very true – genetics do play a huge

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