6 Natural Bodybuilding Basics You Need To Know

east london personal trainerIt can be difficult to get the best information to kick start your natural bodybuilding goals. This article shortcuts you to some of the most important, natural bodybuilding basics. For example, you must choose the amount of days you intend to workout, set up an exercise program, factor in rest periods and consider the number of sets and reps in each session. There is a lot of bodybuilding information around and many natural body building tips are useful. However, it is wise to create a sustainable fitness routine that will not overwhelm or exhaust you.

Many budding bodybuilders lack motivation. They create an overly complicated training program only to find it holds them back even more. In an ideal world, the quicker you join the gym, or work with a personal trainer the better. Doing weights will not only make you stronger, it will make you feel fitter too. You will soon begin to build muscle and in time, you will transform your body into the perfect physique – assuming that you know what you are doing, or are attending someone who can guide you.

You must develop a unique fitness plan. A training routine filled with workouts that help to build serious muscles. I have created a number of natural bodybuilding tips that will help you to gain muscle naturally. However, whilst exercising, you must also eat a nutritious bodybuilding diet. Here are some great tips to help you gain the body you desire.


1. Concentrate on lifting heavier weights as time goes on

If you can add extra weight to the bar as and when, it will help you to build muscle mass. You can spend hours in the local gym performing endless workouts and reps, but you will not build muscle unless you add weight to the bar.

Every muscle building routine workout should focus on lifting more weight. If you plateau and find it impossible to lift any more weight you can consider toying with other strength training strategies. For example, you could use supersets and drop sets to increase your body strength. Practice the same weight lifting routine for a few weeks more and then try lifting heavier weights.

When you have attained an acceptable level of musculature you can move on and try other weight lifting protocols. However, you should never use fancy loading protocols too early on.

The top priority of all muscle building routines is the ability to lift heavier weight.

2. Consider training one rep short of failure

A number of bodybuilders feel they must lift to failure in every set. Advanced bodybuilders consider that exhausting the muscles makes them grow. Naturally, you must push yourself to your limits to make progress, but you may encounter difficulties if you lift to fail every time. Workout programs that focus on lift to fail have the potential to drain the central nervous system.

Follow this type of weight training program for weeks and you may find your central nervous system (CNS) becomes exhausted. You may be unable to lift the same amount of weight as you could before, let alone do reps or try to lift heavier weights.

Bodybuilders should remember that training to failure has many other drawbacks. Train to fail early on in the workout and you will find it impossible to carry out the remainder of the exercises.

In reality, each workout should include at least two new exercises. Train to fail and this theory becomes impossible. Set your sights a little lower. Aim for one or two reps short of failure. You will still push your body to the limits and the intense workout will build your muscles. However, this type of high intensity workout will not exhaust or overtire your body.

Lift to fail in each and every set and you may run into difficulties.

3. Choose exercises that work  minimum of two groups of muscles at a time

Bodybuilders are advised to concentrate on compound exercises. This type of exercise builds strength and increases muscle quickly. Your body needs time to recover after every exercise session, so you can only spend so many hours in the gym. Waste time performing exercises that work a couple of the minor muscle groups and you will fail to reach your potential.

Focus on exercises that work two or more muscle groups at the same time and perform those exercises for at least three-quarters of your workout.

Examples of Compound Exercise
The squat works the hamstrings and the quads. The bench press works the chest, triceps and the shoulders (this exercise works the biceps to a certain degree) the shoulder press works the triceps and the shoulders.

Examples of Exercises that work just one muscle group
On the flip side of the coin, triceps push downs only work the triceps, a leg curl will only work the hamstrings and a barbell curl will only work the biceps.

Limit these exercises to give you the best results-to-energy invested trade-off. Practice compound lifts and you will eventually be able to lift more weight and build muscle mass.

4. Fuel your body properly before and after exercise

Many people who offer natural bodybuilding tips fail to mention the importance of fuelling the body. Every bodybuilder should fuel their body correctly before and after working out.

Fail to give your body the amino acids it needs and you will not make headway. The human body needs amino acids to build muscle mass. Your body also needs an intake of carbohydrates to provide the necessary energy to form muscle tissue.

Every bodybuilder should learn about the right types of food to eat before and after working-out. A great bodybuilders diet incorporates the right amount of protein, carbs and fats, so learn how to eat like a bodybuilder.

You can afford to be a little more flexible with your food intake for the remainder of the day. However, you must ensure you meet your daily macro-nutrient and calorific needs. It is vital to fuel your body correctly before and after working out.

5. Change your workout routine – every 14 days approx.

The fifth of our natural bodybuilding tips is a plateau busting bodybuilding tip. At some point, you will feel your training program is no longer helping you to gain muscle. This means you have reached a plateau.

Every bodybuilder plateaus at some time, but there are ways to avoid it. So, how do you define a plateau? If you work out for two weeks and see no progress you have reached a plateau. If you are a dedicated weight lifter you will feel you are wasting your time at the gym.

Weightlifters plateau if they perform the same routine. Bodybuilders who change their exercise routine prevent this from happening. You can change the order of your exercises, take longer or shorter rests in between sets, or even consider developing a new body-building routine altogether.

If you find you can’t lift heavier weights in successive sessions then it’s time to implement change. Alter your bodybuilding workout plan to get results. Switch your muscle building exercises to get results. Keep your muscles guessing and they will grow.

6. Rest is best …ensure you get enough of it

Every bodybuilder needs to get enough rest. A lot of people train too hard and take far too little rest. Fail to rest and the body can’t recover.

You must let your body rest after you have worked out at the gym. An exhausted body will not grow stronger. In fact, tired muscles get weaker and the body will eventually break down.

Ensure you take a full days rest in between weight lifting workouts. If you have chosen to perform an upper/lower split, which means you must work out more frequently, you should take a minimum of two whole days rest per week.

A percentage of bodybuilders do cardio after weight training, but no one should be tempted to overdo it. It wouldn’t be wise to do an intense cardio workout for forty-five minutes. Rest or do a little active rest if you feel the need. You could consider a swim, a jog or a light walk. It doesn’t make sense to try to push your body when you are on a rest day, it will simply impact on your progress.

There are many fast bodybuilding tips that claim to get fast results, however, few are sustainable. There is no secret to natural bodybuilding, but our natural bodybuilding tips will help you to succeed. If you are one of the many who want to gain muscle naturally, try the list of helpful tips above and learn how to get big naturally.

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