4 Things To Change Now & Get Fit Tomorrow

6 Oct No Comments Emily Brathen Fitness, Useful Tips

4 Things You Can Do Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

The importance of maintaining health has moved to the forefront of conversation for many people. While the wellness industry would like you to believe that it takes a lot of work and a big investment, there are plenty of simple things you can do that positively impact your wellbeing. Taking a few of these small steps today can lead to you a healthier tomorrow.

  1. Give Up Bad Habits

Most people carry at least a few bad habits. it’s part of human nature. Giving them up is much easier said than done, but it is possible and it can help you achieve better health. Some people have luck going cold turkey, but that isn’t for everyone. Try to find ways you can cut back instead. These ideas can help you get started:

  • Instead of binge-watching TV programs, limit yourself to a single episode per session
  • Visit smokingthings.com to make the swap from cigarettes to vaping
  • Stock up on healthy snacks instead of junk food so you can indulge when you feel a craving hit
  1. Learn How to Meditate

Researchers are uncovering more benefits of mindful meditation all the time. it is linked to lower rates of disease, less stress and improved health outcomes. Plus, it is easy to incorporate into your day. While mindfulness may sound mystical, it really is just the act of being present and aware in the current moment. Learn a simple technique like this one and do it every day to see the benefits.

  1. Get Up and Move

The American Heart Association recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every day. That means activities that get your heart rate up at least a little. Doing so increases cardiovascular health, lowers your risk for several serious diseases and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Of course, knowing that doesn’t make you any more likely to get up off the couch. You’ll have to set an intention to get up and move. Making exercise fun can help. Look for activities like hiking, riding a bike, swimming or gardening that have the added benefit of getting you outside fo refresh air.

  1. Practice Gratitude

Intentionally practicing gratitude is a simple and effective way to improve your emotional and physical health. There are plenty of great gratitude exercises that you can do, and most only take a minute or two of your time. Yet, by practicing them regularly, you will experience benefits like improved sleep, better moods and increased energy.

You are able to impact your health and wellness in a positive way. Start with small steps like easing away from bad habits and increasing your physical activity levels to see measurable results.


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